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Awww, Karl and guys are good. I read your posts and I feel so at peace. You both seem like inspirational speakers and we can definately use that when confusion or emotions starts to run high =)

I think everyone brought up a good point about [B]what the Heck is a Low Carbohydrate Diet? [/B] I will be honest, I have several books and I'm looking to purchase more that are all FORMS (different titles, still same premise) of a low Carb diet (mainly for hard copies of recipes). However, I think that sunfell and prometheus are correct that while some of these low carb diets will HELP, they MAY not get you 100% clear. If someone's goal is to get 100% clear through diet, it will probably be a bit harder for them, then it is if say, you only wanted to get 95%- 99% clear from diet.

Unfortunately this is society's fault, not ours, especially when [U]we knew nothing else.[/U] I understand why they had to alter our foods, to make them last longer or to enhance their flavor (MSG = neurotransmitter), but it's not neccessary if we go back to small farms or small batches, etc. It's really their fault that most people continue to eat this way, because they've made eating poorly and sometimes unknowingly unhealthy EASY. It's all around us. It's easy to grab. It's Affordable. There's plenty of it. If you ask me, it feels like [U]These foods have us [B]boxed[/B] in [/U] and changing our diet is the [B]key[/B] to freeing us! [u]We DESERVE to have CHOICES![/u] [B]Who says that just because it's in abundance or "everybody is doing it" that it's Right??? [/B] Where would we or this world be with that kind of mentality?

I've also noticed that some people feel they don't have to eliminate something because they "eat it all the time and their acne never gets worse." Hmm...what's wrong with that statement? [B] Could it be that they are eating a specific something ALL THE TIME and for some reason they STILL have acne ALL THE TIME???[/B] While that can be a valid argument, wouldn't it be better to say, [U]"I eliminated that 100% and I still had acne all the time"[/U]? Personally, from my own experiences and others, chances are if it's one of your [U]favorite foods [/U] or you [U]eat it on a daily basis[/U], you are more than likely going to have to give up at least ONE of these items. It's some odd addiction thing that the mind/body can have for foods that are bad for it. Of course, it certainly doesn't help when our natural instincts are to eat sweet foods (whether you taste the sugar or not) since this is our bodies' fuel source.

Now, I was a bit younger and certainly wasn't fully thinking when I did some of my earlier eliminations (involving dairy), but [B]if you truly want to know if something bothers you, you should fully eliminate it. [/B] That means, for example, [B]no form of Dairy Products[/B], if you think Milk is a problem. That means no foods cooked with Milk ingredients, no cheese, no ice cream, no yogurts, etc. I certainly didn't do that, I only eliminated Milk (3 months) and deemed it wasn't a problem for me, even though I was aware that I was still consuming it in other forms. Just like now I consume Organic milk, yet I know when I'm out or at someone's house, I'm not consuming organic milk. So I truly have no idea how Dairy products effect me because I never entirely consumed them in organic form or fully eliminated them!

While it's not always neccessary to do this to see some sort of result, the BEST way to do so, is to just [u]eliminate ALL of it 100%[/u]. [B]That means in as many forms, derivatives, and byproducts (as your aware of) and at ALL times! [/B] Otherwise, how do you really know?? I know that sounds tough, but [U]that way you get 100% clear and you can work your way BACKWARD and reintroduce foods, ONE food at a time, and see how each one affects your skin.[/U] Who knows you may be able to handle certain "no no" foods and/or certain derivatives (whey, lactose, malt, starch,etc) of these foods. Of course, if any of you are like me, you can also gradually ease into and eliminate as you find neccessary (its a teeny bit harder, but you get more to eat starting out).....

I know some people like to do diaries, but that's not me. However, here's a quick summary of how I figured things out:

[I][B]My Road to 95% Clear Skin:[/B][/I]
Take myself, I got 95% clear within 3 months (probably took less time, but that's when I actually noticed) and I did that just by eliminating Gluten Grains! During this time I was like a kid in a candy store. I was buying all sorts of (naturally) Gluten Free Products, or "substitute foods". I was having fun experimenting and trying out these foods and most of them were pretty tasty and some of them were BETTER than the stuff I grew up eating! [B] During this time I was eating dried fruits, fruits, nuts, seeds, poultry, seafood, pork, beef, and vegetables. [/B] I was drinking Organic Milk (for cereal or cooking) and Water (90% of the time). Changing my diet just took away my already waning cravings for sweets. I didn't want 100% fruit juice (that's when my mom actually started to buy I also wasn't drinking much tea or coffee (but I'm not heavy drinker on these ). I was eating "junk" too! Artifically flavored buttered popcorn (cuz it tastes better...and still do) almost daily. [U]Rice Cakes[/U], (Organic) Potato Chips, GF Granola Bars, GF Muffins, GF Cookies, GF Donuts , GF Pretzels, French Fries, (Organic) Flavored [U]Chicken Wings [/U] (like at Wingstop or Wing Works), (Organic) [U]Baked Chickens [/U] (some stores like SAMS, like to rub wheat on it so just......peel off the skin.), (organic) yogurt, Breyers Ice Cream, etc. That got me 95% ;-)

[I][B]My Road to 99% Clear Skin[/B][/I]
Sigh...this is where it became a bit tougher for me. I was doing fine, my menstrual pain had STOPPED and my skin was looking better and better every month! So I started experimenting and decided to try "all natural" soda, since I'd been avoiding this for 10 years. Turns out, all natural soda is no better (for me) than regular soda, within a few days, it broke me CYSTS! Yet, I never would have caught that had I not eliminated Gluten first, isn't that odd? I suppose not though, Wheat, etc caused me more hormonal problems than these others, but it still wasn't enough to get me clear. That's also how I discovered that bananas (cysts in my [SIZE=1]armpit[/SIZE]), etc caused me problems. I didn't actually ever do an official test/reintroduction on any foods, just tested them out as I suspected they might be problematic.

[B] It's actually easier to see a pattern when you eat the suspect food daily for 3 - 5 days.[/B] That way you are able to [U]pin point[/U] what you ate (unless you keep a diary), otherwise, you won't understand why "all of a sudden" your skin was clear or improving and then you started breaking out (worse). I found this to be true when I was forced to eliminate my other favorite fruit (loved bananas) this past summer...Cherries. Since they are seasonal (get them from mexico in the winter though), I hadn't had one since changing my diet until May. I had been eating these for nearly 2 months and for a month I was breaking out constantly in cysts only. As soon as I did the cysts...oh well.

Another pattern to look for when you are trying to catch these culprits, is [B]if you are breaking out in the same spot or with only certain types of acne[/B]. Since I don't consume GF Substitutes often, that includes commercial (refined) cereals, whenever I would eat cereals (every few months, a bowl a day til box was empty) within a few days I would breakout with pimples and tiny cysts in AND around my earlobes. That was something NEW (you'll notice that you may breakout out in [U]new areas [/U] too) and I still have one of these little buggers and it's been over 4 months! Now was it the milk or the cereal or the combination I don't know. I ate Rice Crispies, Natural Rice puffs, Corn Pops, Frosted Flakes, and some organic varieties as well. However I only noted with the Commercial brands (cuz their cheaper and easier to obtain), but since I'm eating corn and rice on a daily basis and this isn't happening, so I figure it has to be the way these cereals are processed..

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