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[QUOTE=CursedSkin]wow, this is the best my skin has looked in years.....even though its not 100 percent clear, its the clearest ive been probably all year

im just so glad i started to take b5 two months ago...i m just hoping the effects can last until at least summer! plus i just started taking zinc and that has seemed to start working as well

to all you still suffering with severe acne, just know that the only solution is persistence....b5 may not work for you like it did for me, but theres got to be something out there that works for you..just dont give up or settle for less...good luck[/QUOTE]
How much zinc are u taking with the B5- is your skin much less oily now that your taking both? Ive been on the B5 for 25 days now and it hasnt help much with my acne- I do see a little less oil production but not much. My hair, lips, and eyes seem really dry but this is probly normal? Do you take your B5 and zinc at the time or ??????

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