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B5 or zinc ( Help)
Dec 26, 2003
I had 2 treatments with the smoothbeam laser recently and had outstanding results but I have two areas that didnt respond to the laser- My right check and the left side of my chin.
Beginning of december i started taking 10 grams of B5 everyday but havnt had any luck with the blimishes or with the oil production. Is their any one out their that takes B5 along with zinc- I read the two target acne in pretty much the same way or should I up the dose of my B5? If i can take the zinc and B5 together how much zinc should I take/ should I keep my B5 at 10 grams or should I lower the dose. What kind of results has anyone gotten this way???
Actually, B5 and zinc do not target acne in the same way. B5 is supposed to help lower the production of oil/sebum, which decreases the amount of acne. Zinc normally helps support the immune system, which means it acts more like an antibiotic.

I have had much better luck with B5 than I have zinc. I took zinc last year for 3 months, and some very freaky stuff started to happen. I developed these large welt/pimple like lesions on my forearms and legs. :/ I stopped the zinc, and this never happened since (about 18 months now). Besides, my acne was no better while using zinc.

I have taken B5 on two different occasions, and I take it now. I have been using 5 grams a day for the last 3 months. Right now my face is crystal clear. I don't attribute this to only the B5, but also to how gentle I am on my face. Most of the time I wash with only water, or I use a little Aveeno bodywash (the same stuff I use on my body). Between the combo of B5, and it being winter, my skin can get very dry. So for me, less is better. I only wash my face when I am in the shower, once a day. I usually use a little Aveeno moisturizer on my face and neck where I shave, and my face is incredibly smooth and clear now!

One month on B5 is usually not enough time. I would stick to the B5, give it at least the 2 months most people claim. For me, I will never take a zinc supplement ever again.

Good luck!


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