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Accutane Avenger,
Yup you are correct. If you follow the SweetJade Type of diet, LOL, why don't you call it "Gluten Free and then some diet?" you can still wieght train. I've talked to several trainers around here and they tell me they follow a similar diet, loading up on Oat bran, eggs, whey (if this isn't a problem for you), etc. You can eat protein...but it never helped me gain weight, but it's neccessary for our muscles. You need the carbs to go IR and release that testosterone to get bigger....but fruit...nah it's not going to cut it. Then again, personally my body loved to turn all my extra fat from the carbs into Androgens anyway, so if I carb loaded...I still wouldn't gain weight...just acne. I'm glad some people's bodies have managed to find that "perfect" balance between muscles and acne....but not me ;-)

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