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Absolutely it is. I see people active in their 90's and that is how I want to be if I live that long. If you ask someone in their later years how much they would pay, if they could afford it, to be alive in health for another five years and you might be surprised. Calculate how much extra you pay a year for healthy food and you just might be surprised how much it is worth it, compared to how much people spend out of pocket on prescription drugs and surgeries. It is not a risky investment, either. You can be pretty sure of the outcome. I don't know where the economy is going and I can't rely on insurance or medicare, so I invest in my health because I believe it is one of the best assets. Yea, Mcdonald's and friends realize that the average consumer is becoming health conscious. It is in their best interest to offer this information and atleast, somewhat healthy options. What is interesting to me is that they offer the nutritional information on their online website, because I would suppose they figure the customers who are more health conscious are the ones that also have and use the internet. More marketting strategies. They still offer super size portions and notoriously substandard chemically engineered food that tastes great, for people who aren't as concerned.

That is an interesting food pyramid. I haven't seen that. It's certainly better than the actual one. Any food pyramid that puts vegetables at the bottom I'll be happy with, while I may personally disagree with the rest. For instance, I'm not an advocate of vegetable oils and I definitely don't think they should be included in every meal. I don't believe they lower bad cholesterol, and I don't believe they have the myriad of other redeeming qualities that they are alleged to have, especially after they are denatured by heat in cooking, where they become dangerous. Polyunsaturated vegetable oils may, according to some studies, increase the likelihood of developing some cancers. Any rancid oil is dangerous in the body. Vegetable oils are unstable, very delicate, and go rancid very easily. We get enough vegetable oil from the vegetables we eat, as long as we eat them. The only exception to this is olive oil in its pure unrefined virgin cold pressed state. This oil actually does have some redeeming qualities but it should not be used in abundance, or heated, if you ask me. I'm careful because heart disease runs in both sides of my family. While saturated fat is slowly but surely being vindicated, I'm not going to wait for the professionals and the media to say they were wrong about saturated fat. Vegetable oils aren't better for you. They are atleast acknowledging that the hydrogenated variety is hazardous. I cook with saturated fat, because it is stable at higher temperatures, and won't cause harm to my heart and body. Atleast, personally, I know I am doing ok because of my lipid profile. My cholesterol is high, but I am only high in the HDL, good cholesterol, which is ideal. I can't say it would be the same for anyone else, but I have to warn people, because I believe it was another factor in my acne.

No, I'm not grain free, but grains are not a large portion of my diet either. Like you, I'm not a fan. If anything, it is usually brown rice on the side. I never eat refined grains, for sure. One dish I eat is made up of avocados, lemon juice, brown rice, chopped tomatoes, and spices. This is very alkalizing in the body, which is good when you are tensed up or under stress. I can, and do, eat any other gluten free grain. I can eat spelt on occassion(which means no more than one portion a month), and certain combinations of grains in breads, even though it has gluten. I am not sure why this is. I am also not so sure we should be suggesting that people eat white rice here, especially since the objective of this thread was to get the bulk of the diet from grain or cheap foods. Brown rice is not that much more expensive and can be bought in bulk. If someone is going to eat a lot of grains it is atleast better to eat the unrefined variety.

Sweetjade, I have to ask you. You say it is alright for people with acne to eat some things that you do, because you are 99% clear, but aren't you off and on certain medications? Wouldn't you have to recommend them too?

I would bet that the new food pyramid has meat items on the bottom.

Oh, and you are right that fat doesn't make anyone fat. The only reason they are coming out with this now in mass, though, is because they don't need to sell anyone vegetable oil. People will still buy it. I would say Atkins is responsible for the popularization of the anti carb movement, but I'm not so sure. It does help people with their insulin resistence and type 2 diabetes, but I think this is only because they are avoiding the bad carbs too. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are carbs everyone should be eating in bulk. I think looking at food as protein and carbs is very binary and, too black and white to be beneficial. But again, everyone will be praising low carb just as they were praising low fat. There is a strong genetic predisposition for obesity, which is very difficult to avoid if you have that gene. Obesity is either genetically inherited from the grand parents, or simply eating more than a person is supposed to, no matter what they are eating. This goes back to the super size junk and people not realizing the extra calories they eat in a day. Also, obesity is a big risk for insulin resistence but I haven't heard that it works the other way around.

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