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When people have some kind of physical "flaw" on the outside, it often makes them more beautiful on the inside. Acne will pass and can be healed but the beauty you carry inside you will never fade. It just grows stronger.

Your friends want to be with you because of who you are, not what you look like. If they are really your friends, what you look like isn't important to them, because your character shines through. Is what you look like to them, important to you? I hope not. Beauty is not skin deep. It really isn't important at all. The people who it is important to, you don't want to know, anyway. Trust me on that. The worst that will happen is they will be thankful they don't have it, or they will feel sorry for you, which is both annoying to you and very bad for them, because at any moment they could have it, then they have to face their own judgements of it. This happened to me. I healed my acne and then later met up with an acquaintance who had felt sorry for me. She had clear skin when I had acne, and when I met up with her again a year later, she was the one with the acne. Of course, I shared my knowledge with her. I'm not sure if she ever applied it, but I hope she did. It is not a bad thing. It is just your body and, while it may not be acne, they will have their physical "imperfections" too. One thing I learned is that if I don't see other peoples physical imperfections as imperfections then I don't view mine as that either, and then I can see the opportunity in it..the good in it, which is what we are meant to see everywhere. At the same time, we can't blame people who do see it that way, because we do it all the time, when we see people who we think are "less fortunate." We don't have the power or the knowledge to understand what is or what isn't fortunate but it is hard to be perfect so we must forgive people who might look at us and think that way.

And that brings so much to us. I think my acne was a blessing, because it showed me who my friends were, who was capable of being genuine, and it brought me to a state of health I may not have otherwise known. You can, and I'm sure you do, wield it as a blessing. Besides, the only people we can truly call our friends are the ones who know everything about us, and still love us.

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