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below is my own acne plan i suggest for your daughter, im sure she is as beautieful as you say she is :):

Tims Diet And No Acne Plan:

1. Vitamin B5 or Panothenic Acid, And what it does:

This is a marvellous vitamin, basicly what it does is break down fats and carbohydrates in your blood,
thus reducing the ammount of oil and sebum produced in your body, therefore Less breakouts - Less spots,
this vitamin in its concentrated form doesn't come cheap, so just watch the money?, okies? also there are reports of an initial breakout after using this vitamin b5
but i was fine, and didn't suffer this, and i have noticed marvellous effects.

2. No Fried Food!

i can't emphasise this enough, this stuff is not only full of Oil(cooking oil), which goes STRAIGHT to your skin,
but it is very unhealthy, so just try and not eat fried food.

3. Water

Well, as you may or may not know, Water is a natural anti-oxidant, and flushes out oil and stuff in your system within minutes of drinking large ammounts of it,
i have drank a pint of water and noticed in a few minutes, that alot of the grease on my forehead has just gone, it's amazing, i try to drink 6 or 7 pints of concentrated water a day,
and an extra pint just before i go to bed, to take with my vitamin and anti biotics.

4. Over The Counter Products:

Now alot of people say these are useless, they are very wrong, il explain what acne is and how it's caused, it is caused by something called Sebum, and Estrogen,
which surfaces amongst blocked pores in your skin, worsening your cell turnover in your skin, which is BAD very bad, il tell you what i use, i use Boots ACT Anti Blemish Gel
overnight, i have found this to just burn and kill spots overnight, and i also use Wich Hazel And Tea Tree Spot Wand, which si also brilliant, i use Oxy Pads, and Oil Control wipes,
along with various Masks and packs to draw grease out of my face, my face isnt perfect, it is scarred slightly, yes, but thats because of ACNE, which im trying to prevent
you from getting.

Written by Timothy Else

My reasons for this guide are simple, i know how much Acne can effect your self Concioussness, and it sucks, i know, but u feel so much better when acne is gone, bear in mind
alot of other people are in the same boat as you, and when i look at people i don't look at acne it doesnt bother me, i mean people who i fancy could have really bad acne, but they are
really nice people at the same time, so it doesn't bother me, if you follow this guide, i guarantee your skin will improove, OH, i almost forgot, Eat plenty of fruits,
Grapes, Apples, Oranges, Apples and Grapes work wonders for your skin, and Oranges battle the redness in your skin.

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