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[QUOTE=Vortex773310]Alias i thank you for boosting this young girls confidence by telling her your horror stories(which were probably untrue)QUOTE]

Ok... yeah that was kinda mean for no reason :confused:

Anywho... as with most BCP there is usually an initial breakout period lasting from a few weeks to a few months from mild to severe breakouts. I would give at least 3-4 months before you really start noticing any difference in your skin... but it could be sooner! I would think about trying another pill if after 4 months nothing happens or your face gets worse. I was on OTC-Lo for 4 months and it ruined my skin!! It was by far alot worse than when I started... a total nightmare. Everyone is different, so finding the right BCP can be a trial and error type deal. I am using Apri (desogen generic) again and I love it... I dont know why I ever stopped!

I am also on 25mg of Spiro too and I LOVE IT!! I decided to be bad and bump my dose to 50mg and see what happens... I dont think my dose is enough to do all that much for my acne. I love the "side effects"... less oil, softer skin, less body hair, no bloating & bigger boobs!! YAY!
I'm going on Yasmin when I get my next period but, you girls are scaring me...I'm getting over my cystic breakouts and have been in much better shape these last few weeks, I've been on spiro for about 2 months now and I'm afraid I will break out again if I start yasmin...Anyone else take spiro before starting yasmin?
hi guys!

i've been on yasmin nearing 4 months now. i think i had a bit of a breakout within the 1st month and a bit in the 2nd month, but it wasn't too bad (i've had worse, definitely). i went straight from dianette (diane 35) to yasmin so maybe that's why it wasn't so bad? however they work via different who knows? i changed from dianette cos i felt like it wasn't working so well anymore (i'd been on it 4 years, it worked really well at 1st, then my skin came back super greasy)

now though my skin is pretty much clear give or take 2 spots. but i can't be sure it's the yasmin cos i changed cleansers to johnsons baby softwash (which is just fab in my opinion) in the mornings and oil of olay face cloths at night and i started using a clinique pore minimiser gel which has worked brilliantly to reduce pore size and oiliness. my skin is still a little oily though, yasmin was meant to sort that out! grr!! so i have to use a topical oil controller too.

in any case tho, to those of you having big break outs i'd certainly give it time to work. before i went on yasmin i trawled these boards for yasmin threads and time after time people were reporting huge breakouts then i'd read a few months later and the same people were saying how glad they were they stuck with it. don't be discouraged! :wave:

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