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Low dosage of b5
Dec 29, 2003
I read alot about b5 on the net and i finally gave it a try. Before trying this I was currently on doxycycline and proactiv which to a certain extent controlled the acne on my face but i still had acne on my body and scalp. This is what i've noticed which a low dosage which isn't recommended when starting the b5 treatment. In just 3 days, my face which used to be very very oily, the oil stopped 85% which i thought was absolutely amazing. As for new pimples occuring, so far none. If this works for me at 2 grams a day rather than 10 grams, i think others could possibly take a low dosage so you don't have to worry about the side effects. Although 2 grams a day is still going over the recommended intake, it's alot better ,safer,and cheaper then taking 10 grams a day. I'm taking a down to earth brand of b5 which says it's a prolonged release which i'm assuming is similiar to time release pills. I've read that time release pills aren't as effective but it has worked for me. I've also read that if you do try b5, it's hard to get good quality b5, not meaning brand names, although this is important, but some of the b5 when shipped to local stores or to your house has been in heat which reduces the effectiveness of the b5. This might encourage people who have failed on b5 to try another b5 and see if it still doesn't work.

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