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This question is in essence directed at the diet campaigners, but I welcome comments from everyone. There's always a lot of talk regarding what is achievable with diet, supplementing, etc.....percentages are often used as markers of skin clarity (i.e. 90-95 clear). My intention is not to split hairs here, but is it possible to shrink pores to a point where one can claim that they have poreless skin - effectively flawless skin, in that pores are tiny? I take 100% clarity to mean that one has no active spots on their face, and I would think that most would agree with this classification. Many quite fortunate people out there have spots, but not the accompanying (mandatory for some) pore marked skin. These people, and I have known some personally, are effectively left with flawless skin once their spots clear, and assuming scarring hasn't occurred, their skin texture is perfectly restored for all intents and purposes. I have been low-carbing (200-300grms a day; thanks Sweetjade) for two weeks now, and I have to say that it definitely does slow down sebum excretion, but curiosity, or neurotic obsession (call it what you will) is getting the better of me, in that, I'm continiously wondering how far I/we all can go with this. Are poreless complexions out of the question? I personally think pores can become quite small given the right regimen, but I think it is highly unlikely that one can re-program their body/genetics, and ultimately aspire to have poreless (almost invisible pores) skin. This is just my two cents worth, and I invite comment from anyone.

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