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Hi there, have anyone used egg yolk as mask to clear off acne after facial cleansing since it is rich in Vitamin A?
Yes, way back about 50 years ago. It works as a mask about equal to any mask you find on the market.

Drying egg on face helps to remove some of the stuff in pores but is not a cure for acne.

Egg yolk mask is an old, old treatment.
There was a long post on this forum about the egg mask. Basically, I've read that it helps in the beginning, then after a few months of using it, some users develop worse skin conditions, like the egg clogged their pores and some even got egg stuck inside their pores and didn't know how to get it out. Scary. I wouldn't do it if I were you.
i wouldn't risk it, but then again if any mask isn't washed off properly, it can get stuck in your pores..i suggest you use something like Oxy Pads if you want your pores to breath(and yes they do work)

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