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I will get the huge cysts everynow and then. They are very painful. For some reason I will only get them on certain portions of my face. Upper portion of my forehead, chin, nose, cheek right ears. I have been getting them since I was 15. I don't get them very often maybe 1-3 every month at most. I have gotten to know them pretty well. For me they will be gone in less than 8 days. They will pop on there own. On maybe the 6th day I will step out of the show and see that it is dripping puss. I have a method to get rid of some but you have to wait until it is at a head. This will get rid of it in less than two days for me. Take a needle and stab it through the thin head. This will cause the puss to come out accompained by blood. Then you take a kleenx amd press on the sides gently don't squeeze. After you get the puss out you put and small amount of benzoyl peroxide I use clearisil 10% and small I mean really small. After an hour passes if you got out all the puss The zit will harden and there will be a tiny puss scab on the top. Most of the time by the next day the zit will be healed. It WILL leave a mark but it tends to go away in two weeks or so. This is just my method im positive it will not work on everyone.

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