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[QUOTE=joeh]fillers like restyline,collegen,fat transfers,botox are some of the short term ones.radiance and articoll are long term fillers.isologen is a little different that they take a sample of your skin and send it away to grow new fibroblasts and then they sent it back to your doc and your doc injects it back into your skin.....something on the lines of that.a thermage thermalift is approved for repairing acne scars.smoothbeam is another scar treatment which has proved very good in some people with acne 10 years who knows what might be there are new and exciting acne treatments on the horizen.most everybody here is under 30 except for me and mostly woman so you guys and girls dont get so depressed because cosmedic surgery has come a long way in the past 10 years.i wish i had as many options as you guys had when i was your age.[/QUOTE]

Joeh, you are so knowledgeable. where did you have thermage done. why did you do that vs. smoothbeam. i am thinking of getting something, as i have ice pick pocks on primarily chin. i am likewise in my 40s (female), and have had bad skin all my life (i have really oily skin and minor superflous hair on face (i as i am armenian). my mom started me to dermo at 14 and thus this is the one doc i have consistently seen throughout my life. i am getting laser hair removal for my chin (just a few hairs but enough to bother me), and once last treatment done i want to get some sort of acne scar removal treatment. all derms i go to try to talk me out of it as it isn't that bad, but it is also there, and i know its there as you can probably relate.

my face cleared up significantly after second round of accutane (saw no worked for you), and use gm collins now and go to esthetician. now i have mainly blackheads and small bumping in t-area. do you have any recommendations for the removal/ treatment of blackheads, as other than facials (and i cant find a good facialist in sacramento where i live), they remain, and drives me nuts as have one facialist here but she only does extraction nothing else, which is 1/2 of what i need and she is always so booked i see her only 1 x every 2 months. any advice you can give would be much appreciated as you really know your stuff.

how are your results now.

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