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"One of the most difficult aspects of developing an acne diet is to determine what foods (ingredients) cause problems"

This is a list of foods (ingredients) that cause acne. Everyone who heals their acne through diet avoids these together. Avoid these, avoid acne:

1. Hydrogenated oils
2. Heated oils
3. all dairy and products from dairy
4. gluten
5. refined sugars (this includes brown sugar. Brown sugar is simply white refined sugar with molasses or some other coloring agent added)
6. refined grains
7. denatured foods
8. fortified foods and incorrect/bad vitamins
9. cooked eggs
10. Drugs(intoxicants, medicines) and alcohol

Regardless of the dietary theory behind the different acne healing diets (the diets that people who heal their acne have, not the ones you read in books), they all avoid these above ingredients. I always ask when I see a person who has completely healed their acne and it is always the same. This is exactly how I healed mine. What this leaves us with:

1.whole unrefined, unprocessed, non-gluten containing grains
2. all fresh produce and fresh fruit, steam cooked or not cooked
3. raw eggs if you want
4. fresh meats, cooked or baked without oil
5. raw nuts, seeds, sulfite and refined sugar-free dried fruits

The quickest way to do it is to support your body's eliminatory system by eating a lot of fresh nutritious produce.

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