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I tried Pro-Active for about 2 months and I didn't think it worked at ALL! I do believe that everyone's skin is different though so what happened for me, may not happen to you. It does seem that everyone has fairly mixed feelings about it. Some loved it, some hated it....but overall it seems like there wasn't an overwhelming responce either way. It made my face even MORE oily than it had been to start out with (I can't use face lotion on a daily basis because it makes me break out worse, I use a salicylic acid product.) I'm 22, so I really shouldn't be having so much trouble with my skin, I break out a lot more now than I ever did it high school and it seems like now the marks seem to stay a lot longer too. It's almost like even though a lot of the blemishes are gone, it doesn't look like it because I still have the scars. Blah!! Anyway, back to Pro-Active....I didn't have too much irritation, but I have found that benzoperoxide products tend to make my face feel more dry and get flakey more often than salicylic acid products. That may be helpful to some of you. I liked the sulfer mask, the only downside it that it makes your face smell like rotten eggs for the next few days because the sulfer gets into your steer clear from getting TOO close to anyone. Lol My mom suggested that I go see a dermatologist in the near future, so I will definitly come back and let you know what happens.
Ya ive been using proactive for 2 yrs now, and at first it made my face dry. But now my face gets really oily, a lot more than before. I get cystic acne all the time i dunno if its caused by all the oil. I dont have insurance so i cant goto a derm. Anyone know of good skin cleanser that i could use to dry my face more. I have combined proactive in morning and at night i use Neutrogena oil-free foaming cleanser that seems to dry my skin out pretty good. Do you think drying out my face then re-oiling it up:) with proactive is making me break out more?

Sorry for the rambling, ty if you have any advice. ;)

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