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Ok I just wanted to share this with all of you. I've had acne for like 10 years now and I would always use all kinds of meds and then suffocate my skin with makeup to cover up all the redness and spots and crap. Well you know what for the past 6 maybe 7 months all I've been doing is washing my face with Cetaphil and putting concealer ONLY on the pimples and my skin looks better than ever I SWEAR. It's not red, it's not flaky, and my pimples heal 10 times faster than when I used to wear foundation and and creams and all the other junk. Sometimes I'll dust on a little powder to make my skin look velvety, but that's about it, and the powder I useis from Almay it's really light, it doesn't cover up it just makes your skin look velvety if you have oily skin.the powder I use is called Almay clear complexion light and perfect pressed powder in translucent, and the concealer i use is maybeline ever fresh cocealer-I swear by these two products they are the best outthere.btw for the oily skin I'm using Vitex and believe or not the oil on my skin has decreased slightly and it's only been 20 days, so I'm excited about that too. You guys have to try this for yourselves and stop the never ending cycle of ruining your skin with makeup and meds. they make the makeup to ruin your skin so you have to keep buying it, trust me on this. The pharmaceutical companies make these products to make you dependent on them so you have to keep using them, and after a while they stop working anyway. Let your skin breath.
I'm a guy, but even I can see that there must be a lot of truth to this. I imagine it's very hard for girls of a certain age group to not wear makeup but I'm sure it can only exacerbate the problems of acne. Foundation alone is chocked full of greasy oils and chemicals. I know you can buy specialised foundation for acne but I think the best bet is to only use powder or to ditch makeup entirely. From personal experience as a guy looking at girls using makeup to cover up their acne, I prefer the natural look every time, even if the acne is more obvious. I really do sympathise with female sufferers of acne because of the pressure to start wearing makeup during adolesence. Us guys have it easy in comparison because at least blokes can pretend they don't care what they look like.

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