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I myself don't wear makeup most of the time. There was actually an entire semester that I went without it actually. I didn't see any improvement in my skin though. Not that I'm saying that it doesn't. I completely agree that foundation makeup can clog the pores just like everything else. There are plenty of people that just can do without it sometimes. I know people are staring at the acne when they talk to me, no matter how close they are to me. I feel I have to do something to cover it. Concealors do nothing for me though. All concealers and foundations look horrible on me for some reason. It must be my skin texture because no amount of exfoliating or moisturizer helps.
That's where I have to disagree about the mineral makeup. I use Bare Escentuals mineral makeup foundation and I really like the way it covers the mild acne and the acne scars without looking cakey and flakey and odd. It makes my skin look a lot more velvety and smooth. It really lets your natural oils flow so your skin doesn't look matte and fake. It does stick to the hairs on your face though and I just remedy that by rubbing a bit of oil free moisturizer between my hands and pat my face gently (no rubbing).

Mineral makeup hasn't necessarily *helped* my skin, but then again it hasn't gotten any worse, so I believe it is a good thing. Of course the infomercial for Bare Escentuals says it is so pure you can sleep in it, but if I have no more reason to be wearing it I take it off so my skin can breathe :)
you know to stop wearing makeup or wear as little as possible is only part of the way to clear skin. I stopped using all medications external and internal. Right now all I do is wash my face with Cetaphil, I don't use any mosturizers because my skin is oily so that's moisture enough. The one thing I do for my skin which I've seen a lot of benefits from is microdermabrasion I do that about twice a week and it gets rid of the red marks fast so I don't even have to wear makeup or very little at all, and it exfoliates the dead skin real good. I used to use Retin a micro and it made my face really red and sensitive to wind, cold, sun you name it, so I dropped all the meds and just gave my skin a chance to heal itself and it has. And besides acne really starts on the inside, applying things topically wont solve the problem, for the long term anyway, most of the time the creams and what not just make the acne worse that's been my personal experience so that's why I'm sticking with this routine.

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