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I have just been reading into Phototherapy with blue and red light to treat acne. It seems from the journal that carried out the research (P.Papageorgiou, A.Katsambas and A.Chu)patients that underwent blue and red light treatment experienced a greater improvement in their mild-moderate acne while those groups that underwent either blue light only, white light only or benzoyl peroxide treatment experienced a lower improvement. I think Dr. Chu's research has been used on this forum before with regards to those wanting to use laser treatment for their acne especially Nlite. But for reference purposes the journal which documents this study is: British Journal of Dermatology 2000 (Published 7th December, 1999); 142: 973-978.

About a month ago I posted a thread asking if anyone knows about whether it is possible to purchase a "Facial Tanner". The main problem with facial tanners is that constant tanning of the skin is obviously not wise and in the long run could cause skin cancer due to the UV-light. However when I visited my derm recently I noticed that in a room next door many patients, that had severe acne, were undergoing some form of laser treatment to heal their skin problems. My derm told me that using UV-light was an effective way of healing several types of skin problems but are used mostly in severe cases. The UV-light intensity/type used by these derms is NOT the same UV-light that is used in tanning salons. The derm's laser uses red and blue light that has a UV-light content of only 7% with the major part of the UV being UVA. I'm not entirely sure if this is similar to the Nlite laser though.

I asked him: "But what happens to those patients that cannot actually make it to the hospital week in week out for treatments?" (this form of treatment is not one off, patients must undergo about 10-15mins of laser once a week). He said a trained physician is sent to the patients house where a home laser is set up for their own use. The physician checks up on the patient every 2 week period to make sure the system is used correctly and effectively. The patient can either purchase the laser system or have it loaned out with weekly/monthly payments.

So this got me interested. I searched on the net to find out whether any sites sold these type of lasers. As I have acne only on my face I was sure I could fine some sort of minature version that could just focus on this region.

Well I found a site called [COLOR=Red]"remvoed" [/COLOR] and under their acne treatment section, they are selling two types of laser. One is called "Verilux HappySkin" (costs $199) and the other is called "Dima-Tech Acne Lamp" (costs $124.95).

Now I am seriously thinking of buying one of these but before I do, I am wondering whether anyone has already purchased one or a laser similar to them? If so, were they effective, safe, easy to use etc..

I hope I have provided enough info so that you can locate them on the net as we aren't allowed to post links here so am trying to be as careful as possible.

Pleeeease post any experiences you have had with these systems as I am desperately hoping this will be a step in the right direction for me and greatly reducing my skin problem. Many thanks for ANY input.....

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