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Hi Neca, I am sorry to hear about your reoccurance problem with the acne. I think it could be a couple things that might be setting it back & it may not be the lamp. For me as a long time acne sufferer I know that it has often been difficult to stick with one product for any real length of time, especially if it seems like at some point the acne might get a little worse in the course of using a product. We want to see results right away & no back-sliding but I have learned that sticking with some things long enough, you will see results.

Also, it might cause confusion with you referring to these lamps as ClearLight lamps because they are not the same. With Clearlight it is this huge machine that sits over you while you lay on a bed with goggles on. It is more powerful than these lamps & they can adjust it to zero in on specific areas better than these. With ClearLight you go for 15 minutes 2 times a week for 4 weeks & the change is usually drastic by the 3rd week but it is subtle because you don't really feel anything with it but your skin looks much clearer. With Clearlight there is a warm sensation & the machine counts down instructing you to turn your head to the left at 6 minutes to go & then to the right at 3 minutes left. With Clearlight they will usually give you skin products to use with it, which I think is key & for me because I had bad hyperpigmentation on my face (especially my cheeks) from not using sun screen & years of wearing make-up. I am like a Mocha complexion & I had several dark marks from acne on my face that would normally take more than a month to heal if that long. The hyperpigmentation kit that Cosmetic Surgeon gave me to use with Clear Light included a mild gel cleanser, collagen rebuilding serum, bufifng granules (I don't use those often), ultra hydrating moisturizer, a lightening gel that has hydroquinone & kojic acid which makes it very gentle on my skin of color, cell regeneration creme, & SPF moisturizer. Now these products are pharmaceutical grade & are specifically formulated to work with treatments like Clearlight or microdermabrasion. Nothing in the store not even products like Clinique or Prescriptives are on their level. If you research on Clearlight you will see that one of the issues it addresses is hyperpigmentation so it is very safe for that. I think the skin care products make the difference because when my cosmetic surgeon switched that product line to another one that wasn't the same I started breaking out. Now that I ordered the products myself & I am using them again & I see a drastic improvement.

I am happy to report that my Verilux lamp is working very well for me along with the skin care products & everything else I am doing. My skin is getting back to its even tone, my dark marks have faded alot again, & the best part is the cystic acne is gone. That started going away with the skincare products being used 1st after about a week. I had one under my chin that nothing was working on & now it is flat & the dark mark is fading fast. It could be a hormonal thing with you if you are female & if it is around time of the month. I start to take B6 vitamins around time of the month to control any possible outbreaks & that works well for me. I am on to something here & I will stick with it. I get up in the morning & use the system for about 7 minutes, then after a half hour or so I apply my skin care products. Then in the evening is when I go for 15 minutes & after about an hour I apply my skincare products. All the products except for the moisturizers contain glycolic acid & that is key because that helps to exfoliate but the moisturizers keep the skin from visibly peeling. That is why you have to use the entire system together & can't skip any steps. You wouldn't be able to tell that my skin is exfoliating because it looks moisturized. Maybe you should wait to hear Jharts progress before deciding if you should continue or not. We are all different so what works for some may not work for others, the key is in finding what works for you. I wish you a lot of luck.

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