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Hi Neca, sorry to get back so late but yes I am still doing very, very well & am confident with going in to the summer with clear, smoother skin. I can't believe that the Verilux lamp that I have is working so well. Now I don't even worry if I get a small pimple because I know it will be gone the next day. In regards to the SPF when I started the Clearlight treatments they advised that I should use an SPF because sometimes lasers & light therapy can make your skin mor susceptible to darkening from the sun, but I think in my case because I was also using the products for hyperpigmentation they wanted me to use the SPF to protect my skin. So if you aren't noticing any problems then I probably wouldn't change what you are doing. I just feel like I am armed with something to fight against the acne & I also feel that taking a zinc supplement along with Essential Oils, & Bee Pollen has helped tremendously. The results for me have been amazing & I am really getting excited about it. I think we are on to something here.

[QUOTE=Neca]Progressmaker seems like you are experiencing extremely good results from the light treatment. It's great to hear your dark marks have faded because they can be the biggest pain in the neck to deal with. Also I think we can almost definitely claim that this light treatment is excellent at destroying cysts. It seems like everyone is seeing a major reductions in this aspect of their acne.

With regards to the quote above, I have been meaning to ask you about using SPF 15 as you have said this before. Why do you think we should be using SPF 15 while undergoing light treatment? The UV light that is produced from the light box is outside the spectrum of harmful/damaging rays. In addition the UV light produced is very limited. I checked with Dermalux many times as I was very concerned and wanted to make sure it was 'safe' to use. I said to them that I already have hyper-pigmentation as a result of too much sun exposure so I don't want anymore. They said there is no chance you can suffer hyperpigmentation from the light box EXCEPT if you are using certain medicines that increase your skin's sensitivity to light e.g. accutane, harsh steroids and possibly some other antibiotics. I am not taking a medicine so hopefully I am ok. Can you confirm that this is also the advice you heard or have I missed something? Thanks[/QUOTE]

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