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Hi Jhart. Wow the two of us seem to be on the same pathlink. I have been doing very well since doing a juice fasting & changing part of my diet around as well. I am a slim person so I really had to eat more after the juice fast because I lost weight that I didn't need to lose but I have it back now. Anyway, I ordered the Verilux Happy Skin lamp a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to test out a theory as well. See I had done really well after going through the ClearLight (lamp) program over the summer but it is really expensive & the maintenance visits didn't seem to be frequent enough in my opinion in order for it to manage the acne, plus the Cosmetic surgeon that I went to see had changed the skincare products that I was suppose to use with Clearlight & it seemed to have a negative effect on my skin. So I just recently purchased the skincare products for people with hyperpigmentation (I am a woman of color) & then decided to purchase the Verilux lamp to see if I could achieve the same results as the cosmetic surgeon. Anyone who has gone through Clearlight probably knows how amazing the results are because I hadn't had that kind of clearing in many years. Anyway, I remember you mentioning about the lamps which was very helpful information so I said what did I have to lose since my skin was already doing really well from the diet change & I want to get close to 100% clearance. The diet change helped a lot with the cystic acne, but I wanted something to help me keep it at bay. Anyway, it has been two weeks & since I am familiar with Clearlight I know how the process works so I have been amazed that it appears to be achieving the same results as Clearlight for a much cheaper price, plus you use it everyday. No cystic outbreaks & current marks left over from acne are fading rapidly. The lamp is fine for people with hyperpigmentation because clearlight cleared mine up. I would just recommend using a skincare program like I use (Newport Cosmeceuticals) if you have hyperpigmentation. So finally I think with every thing together I can manage my acne very well.
After 8 days of 15 min. phototherapy on each side of my son's face, we do see a definite improvement. His complexion is smoothing out, and he is not developing any new big cystic acne. He has a few small pimples, but not anything in comparison to what he had been suffering from previously. His derm did put him back on minocyline this past Monday, after Accutane failed for him. He's just one of those few patients that did not respond positively to Accutane. He's taking l - 400 mg. vitamin E, and l - 1000 mg. vitamin C - morning and evening also. The derm also suggested l gelcap ibuprofen morning and evening to help reduce inflammation which he'll start tonight.
We're hoping for continued improvement! Now, if there was just something to make the red spots go away faster!! I do appreciate hearing how others are doing with their phototherapy. Thank you.
Neca - Thank you for your input. My son was on Accutane for 11 weeks, and then his derm said the extent of his cystic outbreak was just too much. We agreed totally -- his back acne however did totally clear, but his face was hardly recognizable - just horrible. I have not seen any pictures in medical studies that looked quite like his did. He is very fair complected -- so it was quite devastating for him. His dosage had only been 40 mg. every other day, and then the last week, she backed him off to 10 mg. every other day, and he just continued to break out - even inside his ears and nose.
So she stopped the accutane, put him on Cephalexin for 3-l/2 weeks, and then said he could start the minocycline. Things seem better now. I had talked to another derm in the Dallas area that has Clearlight and he had advised no Clearlight with accutane.... the treatments could not be mixed. Thank you for the tip on minocyline and light sensitivity. He was on minocycline once before and almost totally cleared and had worked outside in the sun that summer and looked great -- so hopefully we'll continue to see that kind of progress. Changing derms, starting new meds, accutane just really set him back -- in a matter of 6 months. But with everything he is doing now, hopefully by April (prom for him) -- he will look alot better. Thanks again... finding this board has been a great help -- and encouragement also.
I really appreciate everyone posting notes on their progress with the lights! My son is still having smaller blemishes, but not the deep cystic ones. His skin tone is also uneven, and he is using Lubriderm, and it seems to help some with the redness also. I purchased a new product today from the GNC store for stretch marks, of all things.
I have heard that it helps with acne scarring also -- so we'll give it a try, and let you know how that goes.
How long have you guys been taking the chromium? Did you seen results quickly?
My son experienced the same "ruddiness" some of you mentioned and then quit using the lights everyday. After continued use, they seemed to cause more redness and he seems to be doing much better just using the lights a couple of times a week if he has a cystic "thing" appear. Intitally, when he had a severe cystic breakout, they were very beneficial to help clear those.... but on the less severe acne, they seem to cause more redness. The Cetaphil/no water regime caused him to get extremely oily in the middle of the day, so he went back to washing with Coast.

For 3 weeks he has totally changed his diet, and that seems to be more beneficial than anything. LOW CARB, very low carb, and no dairy. This means no bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, pizza, milk, ice cream, cookies, fried foods, as he says "anything good." He does eat meat, lots of fish, veggies, fruits and more water. I truly believe this change in diet has been the most noticeable, fastest improvement we have seen in the 4-5 yrs. he has been battling acne. It just takes alot of willpower not to eat certain favorites -- but the improvement has made that easier also. I only wish derms would have told us this years ago, instead of "it doesn't matter what you eat, it's all hormonal" That's just not true!

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