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DAY 15:

Hey guys, another progress update. I've just passed two weeks now using the Dermalux box and well things haven't really changed much. My skin is still experiencing the same condition as before. But what is strange is that I am experiencing more skin problems on my nose and chin than anywhere else on my face. Surely if anything, this part of my face should be the most 'clear' as it is directly exposed to the Dermalux unit for the longest period of time?! Before I used the unit, my cheeks would suffer the most from acne but now my nose and chin are suffering aswell :(

I really am not sure if the Dermalux is making any difference to my skin whatsoever (I know I'm repeating myself from the previous post) but I do know that the next week (Week 3) is the make or break one. I am hoping to see some improvements then because if nothing happens I really can't imagine how weeks 4-8 are going to be any different. I do apologise for my pessimism but I'm still trying to get over the fact that my skin was looking really good after week 1 then 10 days later the improvements just sloped off and I went back to normal.

Furthermore, I haven't been experiencing any of the quick healing that you guys have been experiencing. When I get a spot it still takes the same amount of time to disappear. But there is no way I am going to give up as I REALLY want to see if the Dermalux box works so only time will tell.

I get the opinion that the Dermalux unit is great for curbing cystic problems as many of you have been promoting this in your posts.

[QUOTE=Clark]Neca, in the past have you noticed that you tend to experience improved skin after exposure to the sun?[/QUOTE]

Definitely! The sun is my only friend. Whenever I experience long exposure to the sun, my skin looks great..not a pimple or blemish in sight. Unfortunately it is dangerous to overdo the UV exposure. Nevertheless, I am considering purchasing one of those facial sun-bed unit things but would make sure I don't overuse it. And obviously I would not use it in conjunction with the Dermalux unit as that wouldn't make the test fair. I would use it probably after 8 weeks.

[QUOTE=progessmaker]I know that it has often been difficult to stick with one product for any real length of time, especially if it seems like at some point the acne might get a little worse in the course of using a product.

Also, it might cause confusion with you referring to these lamps as ClearLight lamps because they are not the same.

The hyperpigmentation kit that Cosmetic Surgeon gave me to use with Clear Light included a mild gel cleanser, collagen rebuilding serum, bufifng granules (I don't use those often), ultra hydrating moisturizer, a lightening gel that has hydroquinone & kojic acid which makes it very gentle on my skin of color, cell regeneration creme, & SPF moisturizer.[/QUOTE]

Thanks very much progressmaker for the very detailed post. Firstly, just because the Dermalux unit hasn't worked so far for me, don't worry I'm not going to give up (as I said above). I'm sorry if I confused you when I was talking about the Dermalux unit, I just assumed as a result of my previous posts, everyone would understand I was referring to the Dermalux unit. If I said I used Clearlight at anytime in my posts, I do mean the Dermalux unit and not one in a clinic.

With regards to your hyperpigmentation kit, I try to avoid any skin lighteners that contain hydroquinone because it's a steroid and prolonged use can damage your skin permenantly. But if it is working for you then that is great and I hope it will clear up your hyperpigmentation as soon as possible.

[QUOTE=jhart999]I myself haven't enjoyed quite the level of success I dared hoped for after the promising start. But I certainly haven't broken out worse. I'm still getting new acne but I'm sure the unit is helping it heal quicker.[/QUOTE]

Jhart do you think the Dermalux's effectiveness has decreased since you have started using it three weeks ago i.e. similar to my problem. It seems to me that the Dermalux is more a cure than a preventative measure. It is interesting to note, however, that the cystic parts of your skin are improving. What's amazing is that I don't think the Dermalux unit was expected to be effective in this area of acne. So at least this is promising.

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