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How long have you guys been taking the chromium? Did you seen results quickly?
My son experienced the same "ruddiness" some of you mentioned and then quit using the lights everyday. After continued use, they seemed to cause more redness and he seems to be doing much better just using the lights a couple of times a week if he has a cystic "thing" appear. Intitally, when he had a severe cystic breakout, they were very beneficial to help clear those.... but on the less severe acne, they seem to cause more redness. The Cetaphil/no water regime caused him to get extremely oily in the middle of the day, so he went back to washing with Coast.

For 3 weeks he has totally changed his diet, and that seems to be more beneficial than anything. LOW CARB, very low carb, and no dairy. This means no bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, pizza, milk, ice cream, cookies, fried foods, as he says "anything good." He does eat meat, lots of fish, veggies, fruits and more water. I truly believe this change in diet has been the most noticeable, fastest improvement we have seen in the 4-5 yrs. he has been battling acne. It just takes alot of willpower not to eat certain favorites -- but the improvement has made that easier also. I only wish derms would have told us this years ago, instead of "it doesn't matter what you eat, it's all hormonal" That's just not true!

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