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Yeah, good old Danny Trejo - what a legend :) I last caught him in Once Upon A Time In Mexico and I thought to myself then about acne scars being the hallmark of a good villain. Maybe it's unfair to say he's always cast in villainous roles because of his skin because he's just got that all round dirty [email protected]@rd thing going down (I thought his character in GTA: Vice City was too soft). But I definitely believe scarring is used in this way. James Woods and Tommy Lee Jones are other examples that spring to mind. Sometimes I wish I'd done a film course of some sort. But then I realise that I might just as easily tired of it as I have Computer Science.

I really hope you get to make your film, Neca. I'm a really big film fanatic. I believe everybody's got a story in them somewhere, and one day I want to write a screenplay. I know nothing about how to go about it and have no immediate ideas for a story - I just know I want to do it sometime. One day the story will come in to my head and I'll drop whatever I'm doing and write it. That's the plan, anyway :D

Yeah, Dermalux have put their price up by 7.01. Looks like I got mine just in time ;) And with regards to using it I am pleased thus far. When you're actually sat there close to the lights your face does get warm and I did look quite red after my evening session yesterday. I was concerned about it to be honest. But I trundled downstairs to watch "Dog Day Afternoon" (they don't make 'em like that anymore) with my mates and forgot about it. After watching the film my skin had regained a paler complexion so I guess it's temporary.

This morning I was sure my active acne looked a *lot* less virulent that yesterday morning and I had no new spots. [I had my morning session after shaving today but I was wondering if that was such a good idea. Do you think it's best to use the unit to supposedly kill bacteria and then shave so that active bacteria doesn't get spread around in the shaving process?] So, yeah, for today at least I'm happy that the unit is doing something already. The true test will be in a week's time when the exams are over and it's time to go out and enjoy myself. Fingers crossed, eh :)

Btw, I hope you get your unit soon Neca.
DAY 10:

Before I write up my update I just want to say thanks to the new posters for posting: pjlc, skimom, clark and progressmaker. I hope Jhart and me can give you guys a good representation on how effective our Clearlite units are.

Well guys, I have tried to leave a large enough space as possible since my last post to see if there have been any further improvements in my condition. It has now been 5 days since posting my last update and unfortunately this is an update I really would not have wanted to post.

The main reason is because the past few days have resulted in a huge stepback. My skin condition is currently what is was before I started using the Clearlite box. My acne has, sadly enough, been 're-stimulated' and now I am getting whiteheads, blackheads and worst of all patches of blemishes all over my cheeks. The healing time is no different to what it was before I started using the unit. These marks take ages to go away. And basically it seems as if I am now just wasting my time using it because it feels like the Clearlite box is making absolutely no difference to my skin whatsoever.

I am very upset at the moment and also very confused. After a week's use of the Clearlite box my skin improvements were great. Like Jhart said, skin healing was much quicker and efficient and I would develop a spot one day and the next it would be gone (that is if any did infact develop, I think I only experienced one maybe two). Now it's as if this form of acne treatment is like any other...they work in the beginning but then slowly peter off. But this is so strange, how can it suddenly go from dramatic improvements so no improvements in SUCH a short space of time.

I'm trying to think back to whether I have done anything wrong regarding the treatments. But all I do is: 15mins front facial, 2.5minutes for left cheek and 2.5minutes for right cheek both morning and evening. Maybe I have been sitting to close to the unit? I did notice after day 5 that I have had a tendency of sitting way too close because I have got more comfortable with the unit. But I did correct this recently by sitting further back but it made no difference. Do you think, as I bought it second-hand on eBay, that the lamps aren't working any more? The person I bought it off said he had used it for a total of 20-30 hours and did give me a detailed explanation of when and how he used it. Maybe I should try changing the bulbs, I don't know?

All I know is this has been a big drop for me and just when I was beginning to get some glimpse of confidence back in myself. I knew I shouldn't have jinxed it by writing such a positive update at the start.

Also, I have a very healthy diet and am not using any antibiotics. I just wash my face with aqueous cream in the morning and evening and I might apply one or two pea-size amounts of BP (2.5%) to any spot(s).

Anyway I do hope everyone else who uses it doesn't experience the ineffectiveness I have experienced. The only conclusion I could make if you were all experiencing amazing improvements would be that my unit needs it's bulbs replacing...

[QUOTE=skimom]I'm very interested in these machines since my daughter experiences total clearing every summer without doing anything else besides wakeboarding in the sun....It makes sense that it's the light that helps.[/QUOTE]

Unfortunately the only thing that is 100% to clear you completely is the sun. I just wish something could be done about those damn U.V. rays. But skimom, your daughter may benefit from Clearlite just see what other posters say regarding the unit. As Dermalux says some people may find it effective, others may not. I just don't get why it worked originally then it stopped.

[QUOTE=jhart999]I predict it will take at least two months to see if this goal is actually possible. If my skin clears at the rate it has been for the past two weeks then I should be acne-free (and even almost scar-free and of refined skin texture) within the two month timescale.[/QUOTE]

JH, I too was considering this timescale and if you are still experiencing such remarkable improvements as you are then you will definitely be within the 2 months timescale. I am very happy that even your skin is 're-generating' its scars...that is great man! Keep us updated on that, because if it continues to happen it would almost seem like a miracle for you.:)

[QUOTE=Clark]I have been trying for months to purchase a dermalux unit, but have been unable to do so because the company is unable/unwilling to ship to the U.S.[/QUOTE]

Clark, I just checked eBay now and there are 2 Dermalux units for sale on there (not including the 207 units Dermalux are trying to sell there). If you are quick you might be able to purchase one. Both the sellers say they post to U.K. only but I'm sure if you drop them an email and ask them to send to US they will. Even if you miss out on these 2 auctions, whenever I have checked eBay, there has almost always been a few Dermalux's for sale so just keep checking. The Verilux and AcneLamps haven't been reviewed on here however if you do a search you may find some reviews on the web somewhere else. I found a couple of the Dermalux reviews on other sites. Just check other acne pages.

[QUOTE=progessmaker]The lamp is fine for people with hyperpigmentation because clearlight cleared mine up. I would just recommend using a skincare program like I use (Newport Cosmeceuticals) if you have hyperpigmentation. So finally I think with every thing together I can manage my acne very well.[/QUOTE]

Hi Progressmaker, you say the lamp improved your hyperpigmentation which is great but can I ask how serious was your hyperpigmentation and did you experience it on your face? Has it totally disappeared now? Will the hyperpigmentation on my nose only disappear if I use the lamp in conjunction with those products you mentioned...Newport Cosmeceuticals, are they skin lightening creams? Currently the lamp has done nothing to improve or worsen my hyperpigmentation. Thanks.

I hope you guys find my update useful, sorry if it disheartens any of you but I am trying to come to terms with why it doesn't work for me. Any ideas would be very useful. Thanks

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