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Bonnie I agree that this light treatment is very expensive especially if you are a student and moreover as you say, there isn't alot of research available. But if you are lucky you might find some cheap ones on eBay. You just need to constantly check. I was really lucky as I got my system on eBay for only 50 ($85) when it retails over four times that price. But I recently checked eBay and the price seems to have gone up to 100 for second hand models which is weird. I guess you just have to find an auction where not many people are bidding.

I also have quite a bad blackhead problem on my nose and haven't really seen great results in this department using the light box. But I guess it is aimed more at reducing inflammation and killing off bacteria. The problem with blackheads is that they are blocked pores so I am not too sure how long it takes for the light box to effectively penetrate all the way down. We will see after the next four weeks.

[QUOTE=Ruthy]Neca - He was sitting about 24" away from the bulbs and was using both the red and blue bulbs (at the same time) once a day for 15 min on one side of his face, and then turning and 15 min. on the other side of his face. He would appear slightly red all over after the treatment, but that would go away quickly. However, some parts of his "acne areas" were seeming a little redder, and drier. The only other thing he is using is Lubriderm for a moisturizer and washing twice a day with Pears bar soap. The last 2 days he has started Cetaphil/no water instead of the Pears.[/QUOTE]

Ruthy wow he is sitting that far back, I sit 6-7 inches from the light box. My redness lasts maximum 10 minutes. The fact that your son's redness disappears after a short period of time is a good sign. You say some parts of his acne seem redder and I am not surprised by this. This could be the result of one of two things: either your son is using the unit while his face still has moisturiser lotion on it or some cream etc. as he may have forgotten to wash his face. Remember he needs to have washed is face and it needs to be clean before using the unit. So his skin, creams and the light may be reacting with eachother. Or on the other hand his acne is being 'killed off' by the light which is a great sign too. But easing off the light treatment is also a good idea because you don't exactly know why he is reacting so check with your derm just to be incase. The Cetaphil regime is a great switch as well! I have been using it recently and my skin feels better and smoother.

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