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I'll tell you right now, Vortex, I eat whatever I want to, when I want to, how I want to, because I can. We are here to do exactly what we want to do relative to our circumstances or the logos, the divine will of the creator. The reason I have clear skin and my health has improved even though I eat exactly what I want to eat is because I don't [i]want[/i] to eat any of the acne causers or things that harm my body. As you speak to me here, and you say you do not eat what you want to eat, well that is not true. Some part of you doesn't want to eat it, otherwise you'd be eating it, because you can. I believe this part is your intellect. So, if your intellect isn't telling you that you want these foods, what part is telling you that you want to eat these foods? Perhaps it is your emotions. Maybe your senses. Perhaps it is your stomach or the familiarity of the taste that you are used to and the emotional comfort in that. These are food cravings and only need to be reprogrammed with your mind. The type of food you crave is directly related to what you are used to eating and tasting everyday. If you ate nothing but snails for two years, chances are you would not be sick of snails, but would actually really like snails and your flesh would crave them. All it is is an adaptive mechanism that you can reprogram yourself over time. I can tell you that I would not find much of any taste enjoyment in some old foods I used to eat. My taste buds have a renewed sensitivity to many things. I simply could not tolerate the super chemical sweetness and richness of some of these foods that many have adapted to liking. True happiness, true comfort, true absence of suffering comes through the alignment of our intellectual wants, with our physical and emotional wants, with our spiritual wants, and with the allowance of our circumstances/submission to the divine will of the creator. When there is strife between any of these, say for instance the fleshly desires and the spiritual desires, then there is problems. Now, we covered what type but what about how much? When I say I consider eating a macrobiotic cookie that has gluten in it a splurge, I really do mean it. It is thoroughly satiating as any splurge can be. It seems moderate, or even strict, but to me it isn't. Why? Because splurge is a mental idea, not a physical entity. Take cookies for example. One person may splurge and eat a whole box of cookies, while another person may splurge and eat two or three. Both have splurged and both have gotten the pure emotional enjoyment and satiation that comes from the act of splurging. Both are equally satiated, but both have eaten different amounts. So we can't say satiation is objective and relative to the amount of the food eaten. The amount necessary is not determined by your body, but by your mind and it is completely relative to our circumstance and what we are used to. As a mental concept, it is completely within our control. Take a person locked in a jail cell in Sri Lanka. This person has been fed raw fish heads for fifteen years. He thoroughly enjoys eating fishheads. Moreover, he finds pleasure simply in tracing labyrinths into the dirt on the jail cell floor. He only gets to see the sunlight once a week. What do you think that sunlight means to that person..the enjoyment that he gets from seeing the sun only once a week? Do you think it is the same enjoyment that a person who sees the sun everyday has? Not likely. Most people would call this taking things for granted. It doesn't have to be that way, though. Our enjoyment of things is completely within our control. More people should stop and realize and enjoy. Do exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it, how you want to do it, when you can, and as long as you make sure all aspects of your will(mental, physical,spiritual) are one together in alignment with the will of the creator, then you will be happy and you won't find this at all painful. If you do, and you think you are constantly denying yourself, it will not last long. I had fleshly cravings that needed to be realigned, and I was only able to do this through the power of God and fasting. When I was just starting out I realized that there are substitutes for everything. While you can look for substitutes that approximate the taste and texture you are used to, you only need to rearrange your mental associations. If there was a food that I mentally associated with celebration, for instance, or relaxation, I could take that mental association of celebrating or relaxation and apply it to any other food, such as tea, that I could eat, or even some activity not related to food at all. This is how you realign everything in the pursuit of happiness and success.

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