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[QUOTE=rippey]I'm not sure if working out is as bad as you think for your skin. I lift weights 3 to 4 days a week and have managed to rid my body of acne through diet. Plus, I get plenty of carbs form whole grain without issue and they do not affect my skin. Thats my experience, maybe it doesn't work for everyone.[/QUOTE]

The acne caused by excess androgens is hereditary and depends on how much the oil glands over-react to the hormones. Teenagers for example produce heavy excess androgens naturally during growth phase of their life and that is why they often get acne. (Thats also why teens are very lean/low body-fat when they work out, with a high metabolism, and often complain that it is hard to build muscle because they have to eat much more than older folks with a slower metabolism.)

Some teens don't get acne because their oil glands arn't as responsive to the androgens. (They are lucky.. and they are in the minority)

Having a bad diet (a high-glycemic index diet) will make matters worse because you are flushing insulin in and out of your system causing inflammation. Eating a low-glycemic diet is good (and you always should by the way), BUT if you still weight lift then you are flooding your body with huge amounts of androgens (to repair and build muscle)... and that is going to cause acne.. (if you arn't one of the lucky ones). The diet isn't going to solve that.

For those who are into weight training, it is quite easy to eat enough food to be slightly over your maintaince calorie level (by about 250-500 kcals) and still be eating entirely low glycemic foods. If you are SERIOUS into bodybuilding, you want to limit the amount of bodyfat you put on while eating more than maintaince. A typicial diet should consist of low glycemic load carbs: oat bran, black beans, fruits, berries, vegetables; clean low-fat protein sources: egg whites, skinless chicken breast, fat-free cottage cheese; good polyunsaturated fats: flaxseed oil, fish oil.

As long as you eat enough of those types of foods to be slightly above your maintainance, and if you lift weights consistantly (stimulate not anniliate), do some light cardio on the off days, then you will pack on muscle without getting fat.. and in fact, you should lose fat and become 'ripped'. It just takes time.

Proper bodybuilding really is an art, and most people just screw around and end up getting 'big' but also real fat and that isn't attractive. Then they have to diet off the fat and they end up losing all the muscle they worked so hard to build.

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