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I get the same problem on my back from weight lifting. You say its oil glands, would one be able to take a nature approach such as a simple cream ment for reducing oily skin in the affected area?... I may try that out, mine isn't severe so I've always just lived with it while I worked out.


[QUOTE=SanDiego]When you work out with weights you cause your body to create increased androgens to repair the damaged muscle (and become bigger after recovery). The increase in hormones may over-react with your skin cells (oil glands) causing increased oil production that leads to acne.

This has always been the case for me (but mostly only on my forehead). Running and cardio was not the cause, neither was sweat. And yeah, I never touched my face during any of my workouts. As soon as I stopped doing the weights, the acne went away. Once I started again, it came back.

Possible solutions to overcome the problem:

#1: Stop doing the weights, or

#2: Wait until you get older before hitting the weights so that your skin cells (oil glands) become less sensitive to an increase in androgens. This is genetic and may or may not happen, maybe until your late 20s or early 30s, or

#3: See a dermatologist and get a prescription to any range of medications. If your skin causes deep nodules then you need to get on accutane. Otherwise maybe something like Differin Gel or Retin-A, or an antibiotic will do the job, or

#4: keep doing the weights, live with the acne, and wait until you are "big enough" that you feel satisfied with yourself to get on a maintainance program rather than a mass-building program. Personally, I never stop weight training since it has such great health benefits.[/QUOTE]

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