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[quote]You know I said something rather similar at one point. I didn't care about how acne was formed, why the topicals helped, nor why the right dietary changes worked. Then as I began to learn more about my diet, I began to wonder how can our diet do the very same things that other prescriptions and topicals are achieving or TRYING to acheive. I was shocked and delighted about how I kept finding these connections and then I was a bit angry. Then I was hurt because I wasted more than 10 years of my life (some form of acne for 16 years) searching and if the doctors had taken more than 20 hours of nutritional classes, my life would be different right now, all of ours would be. For the most part it is common sense, but as you said, we weren't raised or taught to eat that way. Those that were, were STILL eating something wrong or missing something in their diets.[/quote]

Sometimes we have to figure things out ourselves. (I realize this isn't easy for any of us. Half of the battle is listening to people who say things contrary to what we've been taught or what we've been fed from people we view as authorities. if entertained only briefly, it helps us expand our way of viewing the world.)

[quote]The above partial breakdown illustrates more than just healing acne, it shows us how our eating habits have been hurting our health in general.[/quote]

Yes. Eating unhealthy foods or foreign foods, foods that deny our cells expectations of what they will be fed, will produce disease. We speak to our body through the food we put in it and our bodies reply to us as well. Yes diseases are "genetic" but the good thing is..we can change genetic activity simply by changing our diets! We can change which genes are more active and in which combinations and we can supress the activity of other genes all by simply changing our diets appropriately, to what our cells expect to be fed. Within each of us lies a bounty of promise. I believe we used to live well past 1000. Within each of us lies a combination of genes whereupon activation would allow us to live well past 1000 years old, the "Methusaleh" genes. They exist, just like "soma" exists. Soma is a food or drink made and drunk by Greek "gods" that I reason not only exists but activates these "Methuselah" genes.

[quote]don't eat mangos often so I can't pinpointed them to be problematic for me, but they are on the avoid list for Perricone's diet (yeah for glycemic index). If someone want's to try and lessen acne a low glycemic diet will work, but it won't eliminate acne for the true sufferer. As we've all noted, we are eating more than 20% carbohydrates, heck mine is probably around 50% (which is lower than it was before dietary changes) but it's also a EALTHIER blend of carbohydrates. [/quote]

Exactly. There is nothing essentially wrong with carbohydrates. Think about it. The only food that doesn't have carbs or more carbohydrates than protein is meat products. The only people who want you to eat low carb is the meat industry. People hardly say anything about good carbohydrates vs. bad carbohydrates and yet that is the problem. The only people who wanted people to eat vegetable oils were the vegetable producing companies. Health advertisements and a lot of research "studies" are nothing more than the interest of business. Now vegetable oil advertising does not matter, but with the vegetarian and vegan movements the meat industry has to do something. The unfortunate thing is for those people gullible enough to believe the hype will eat low carb, just like they would have or did eat low fat. The same people who jumped on the low fat band wagon will jump right on the low carb band wagon with enthusiasm...just because it is popular and accepted. It is hard not to be cynical when people refuse to be anything but mindless consumers. They just go with the flock, and never look at the shepherds. It works both ways. You can have an exceedingly healthy high carb diet, and you can have an exceedingly healthy low carb diet, but you can also have a very unhealthy low carb diet, and a very very unhealthy high carb diet. It has nothing to do with the property that is carbohydrate.

[quote]Unfortunately, Bananas are problematic and so are Peanuts for more acne sufferers than I would have hoped for. While Bananas aren't on the Paleolithic Diet avoid list Peanuts are. Also, Eggs aren't on the avoid list, but you found them to be problematic (not eating them raw?). Unless you believe, as sunfell did, that it just means there's something else in our diets that is triggering us to respond negatively to them. None the less, in the pursuit of clear skin they were given up, but these foods have also been known to aggrevate/cause other ailments and were given up for those reasons as well.[/quote]

Cooked eggs should be on the paleolithic diet avoid list if they are not. What do they think our ancestors did? Boil water in a pot and cook them over an open fire? Do they think they cracked them open over their fire pits and fried them with some vegetable oil? No They cracked those suckers open and drank them raw. A lot of people, I think a good majority of people have problems digesting cooked eggs...just a lot don't notice it because gastrointestinal discomfort is normalized and people do not think it is odd at all. They don't even notice it. I've seen people who have one bowel movement every couple days, once a week, or even once every ten days and they think it is normal!! Just like people think that frequent farting or occasional constipation/diarrhea is normal. And maybe it is normal as in "normalcy" but it isn't alright!

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