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I was on Tazorac for awhile, and I really think that it could do more for your 'bumpy' acne than the BP. BP is more for active pimples and such, to kill the bacteria; it does not open up your pores. Tazorac is more for blackheads and acne such as yours, where the pores just need to be opened so all the junk can get out. I'm no dermo, but I think you should stop using BP for awhile, or use it only on active pimples...Just use the Tazorac for awhile and see how you like it. It DOES take some getting use to, but in the long run I think you'll like it. If it seems too strong for you, ask your derm for Finacea the next time you are in. This stuff works wonders for me at clearing up blackheads and the small skin colored bumps that you describe. Good luck!
I agree with Courtney. Tazorac works wonders for blackheads/whiteheads and those skin colored bumps. I am currently on Tazorac .1% and have been on it since mid October. Everysince I started using the medication, my annoying and stubborn black/white heads have almost magically vanished. :) My face is almost 100% clear and it hasn't been clear since jr high! (im in college now) I am also on Duac gel to kill the bacteria and that also is working great for me. I really think you should give Tazorac a chance. It really opens your pores to rid the bumps/blackheads/etc. It was strong stuff though, it my cause irritation. My derm. suggested applying it for 5 minutes each night and then washing it off. that seems to work best for me. I wish you the best of luck!

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