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Hmm...well I think we all can clearly be "healthy" and yet still have some uknown health problem. My liver is healthy too in that sense. Yet, I do know that our hormones rely on our livers for production at some point.

Our livers, don't just detoxify, & metabolize drugs, but also produce the enzymes neccessary to convert our hormones into other hormones. It has the ability to break down fats. If something goes wrong, well you can only imagine what happens. If you don't produce enough bile to break down the fats, then you will have higher triglyceride levels. However, this may not show up in lab work, because our bodies can take those fats and convert them into acne producing hormones! Maybe this is why B5 works wonders for some of you.

If your body has an enzyme defect, then you may have additional physical symptoms such as obesity, fatigue, constipation, menstrual disorders, hirsutism, heart problems, etc. There's enzymes we rely on to produce cortisol, the energy hormone, that the liver provides. If we get too much cortisol, we can get acne from that. If we get too little cortisol we can also get acne. Reason being, our adrenal glands are another source of steroid hormone production outside of our reproductive glands. So if there's a defect in the pathway needed to produce cortisol, we can end up with excess Testosterone, etc. This can show up in lab work. They have to test you for Hypercortisolism, Cushings, Non-classical Adrenal Hyperplasia and similar adrenal disorders.

There's another possibilty, where there's a defect in aromatase production. Aromatase is what converts Testosterone into Estrogen. This is the natural process for things, so we all make Testosterone [B]before[/B] we produce estrogen. So for those of us producing too much testosterone, are we really producing too much or is it that we can't produce enough estrogen??? This is something that can be detected. Of course, for most women the easy answer to this problem is Birth Control.

Another big one is that of retinoic acid. Our liver produces the enzymes necessary to convert Beta Carotene into Vitamin A. To convert Vitamin A into 13-cis-retinoic acid (natural accutane). Yet, I believe they say that acne sufferers are defficient in this Vitamin A and 13-cis-retinoic acid (reduces IGF-1). If that's the case, well it may be due to a defective enzymes that's needed in order to convert these two. I suppose being nearsighted, or having eye problems in general, may also be an indicator that you lack enough of this.

Acne sufferers are also said to be deficient in Glutathione, aids in liver health as well as reducing IGF-1 and cell growth. Oh, but the liver produces IGF-1 (more potent than Insulin) and is also responsible for producing the enzymes that convert Testosterone into DHT. So this can get rather complicated, LOL. Indeed, there's many enzymes that are waiting to be found, and one day I'm sure they will map those as well.

So, there's clearly lots of ways our liver can mess things up for us, if it in someway is not functioning 100%. You dont ever have to be a sick a day in your life, to still have an enzyme defect (also known for some as an Intolerance). Sometimes the defect is written in your genetic code and sometimes it's brought on due to something in the environment (food, toxins, drugs), that deactivated it. Nevertheless, we don't always have to fall victim to what is written in our genes. Usually by changing our environment, we can prevent or decrease such problems from occuring.

HTH =)

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