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leviathan85 I simply asked you to do your research. First you should do a search using any of the search engines on the internet regarding liver toxicity & it's connection to skin problems & secondly you should thoroughly read it & read what myself & others like Jhart wrote because you are missing the big picture. you can also search liver toxicity causing acne, symptoms of toxic liver, juice fasting to clear skin, liver cleansing to clear skin, or whatever you want to search under. Also there is a difference between liver damage & liver toxicity so that you know that. Toxic can lead to damage but doesn't indicate liver damage & millions of americans have toxic livers.

I never said that my skin was completely clear after 3 days, but I did see a drastic improvement over 3 days that I had not seen with my skin in years. I decided to do this because I had other symptoms of liver toxicity like rash outbreaks, yes the eyes that are not clear (which can be an indication of a liver problem so you should look that up), sensitivity to products, & other things. I had cystic acne that wouldn't go away any other way, but they all cleared by the fourth day. Retin A didn't do that for me, clear light, or any other acne treatment. Doing this strengthens your system & allows you to heal faster. You can read about all this in any natural healing or remedy book to confirm what cleansing the liver can do for you. I will post the article in a post to follow this one so you can see.
It would really help you & others who doubt to do research & thorough research before casting doubt so quickly. I did the 3 day juice fast which is common & not associated with the 3 day acne at all but there is a valid point to the 3 day acne clear thing, it is just that the guarantee of 3 days will not work for most, but I will tell you that by the fourth day after my three day juice fast of fruits & vegetables my skin looked 60% better & I do feel like I gave my immune system a big kick which means any products or medicine that I use will start to work better. I had a rash on my hand that I kept putting aloe on & it would never clear. Well after the juice fast I put allow on it & my rash is almost completely gone. Can you explain why that is? I am done because I have gone beyond proving my point & I hope that it is not the principle of a argumentative debate that matters to you most, but maybe more so taking the time to find out that there is truth to what myself & jhart are saying.

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