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[QUOTE=Ric]I'm obviously one of the desperate and gullible ones because I brought it. Basically on the first day your supposed to eat only red or golden apples as they contain pectin (roughly ten or more) whilest drinking as much water as you can. At the end of the first day take a mild laxative or enema (he recommends Fleet?) so you flush the toxins out of your body. Also rub castor oil into your face at night.
Second day do the same thing. He does mention that you may get mild stomach cramps etc but as long as you take a laxative at the end of the day you should be fine followed by castor oil (it's imperitive to use this).
Third day do the same thing. He mentionS that you may experience a slight headache but a hot shower should remedy that. In the evening drink red grape juice (he recommends Welsh?? I'm from the U.K so they may sell that in the U.S.A) followed by two tablespoons of olive oil to kick start the digestive system. Again mild laxative and castor oil. He does go into more detail but this is the general outline! On the last day your suppose to notice great effects because your flushing all of the toxins out of your body etc. The fourth day consists of eating gradually like crackers etc not a proper meal because your stomach won't be able to handle it. The fifth day thing's should resume to normal. He does mention that you should try and eliminate sugar from your diet and eat sensibly. I'm not gonna try this until Friday. Last night I applied the castor Oil to my face I didn't do the rest of it and this morning I only have one spot on my face. Now this could be a fluke but I'll definately let you know how it works out.


For people who don't just have one or two pimples on their face, it just simply will not happen. Acne-prone skin can take months to fully heal, and that is AFTER you finally stop developing new breakouts.

Also, he mentions to take laxatives?!? What "toxins" are in your body that will be "flushed out" by doing this? To begin with, since your supposed to be only consuming food that he recommends, then he is suggesting that the food he is recommending you eat are "toxins" and therefore you aren't even ingesting them. There is no connection between the body and excrement, because your feces go straight from your GI tract out of the body, and never enter the body.

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