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[QUOTE=Shez_07]Hi, regarding the neutrogena multi vitamin treatment-- aren't you supposed to be using it during the day? I wear it during the day(under makeup)-- i wonder if it stops working as well on my skin since its with makeup. (but i need to wear makeup cos my skin is scarred)
I thought about using it at night- but thought the lotion would rub off on the pillow more than absorbing into my skin.
What is Neutrogena healthy skin?-- i haven't heard of it. Is it a moisturiser? And also I'm scared to use an exfoliating soap cos i still have some acne on my face and thought it could irritate it... but i am interested in what u r using[/QUOTE]

HI, I believe you can wear the multivitamin lotion whenever you want. I used to use it everytime after cleansing my face. The lotion should absorb into the skin really well, infact on my skin it soaks it up so fast that sometimes it seems I might have to reapply. As for the pillow situation, the multivitamin lotion is really light and I really doubt that any should rub off on your pillow.

Neutrogena healthy skin lotion contains AHA's and vitamins and is primarily helpful with evening out skin tone,help with scarring and is supposed to bring a healthy glow to your face. I've heard before that the healthy skin lotion and multivitamin lotion are almost the same(ingredient wise), with the exception of the multivitamin lotion containing acne fighting ingredients(salicylic acid etc...). The healthy skin lotion has a much thicker consistency and personally feels better on the skin, whereas the multivitamin is very thin and light and more suited to be worn under makeup(by the way I dont think makeup has any negative effects when combined with the multivitamin, if its non-comedogenic) Regardless, Ive seen promising results.

I use a papaya enzyme soap, look at the previous post for details. I believe exfoliation(if not too harsh) can actually benefit acne, by letting acne products go deeper into the skin, also it removes any oil/sebum buildups.

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