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Hormonal Acne
Jan 13, 2004
[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]I have problems with Hormonal Acne I was wondering if anyone can relate or what they do to deal with it. I have the type of Acne where I get the big knots that sometimes dont even get to the point where you can pop them. I get other little ones too of course. I get them in the "T" zone (nose, chin, forehead). I also have very oily skin. I mean.. my acne isnt the worse in the world I guess its worse some times than others. I dont know what determines when and were its going to strick. I get then on my back and Chest too. It seems to alternate. my face will be doing good for a while but my back horrible vise versa and so on. Anyway I hate them!! they sometimes leave dark spots for a while. I dont fight with scaring too much but I hate to think I might have to deal with this my whole life. My mother has had problems with it her whole life even today so I just may have inherited it. Ive been on antibiotics and that works for a while but I really dont want to build up an amunity for antibiotics just for my acne. Anyway If anyone has tips that would be sweet!!


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