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Re: Diet/acne
Jan 18, 2004
Right, I definately agree with Prometheus that what you hear us disagreeing about is more so the WHYs and not neccessarily the FOODS. To be very honest, most people could care less about the whys, and only want to know WHAT they have to do to get rid of their acne and health problems. Of course when they see an ever expanding group of people following these diets and getting amazing to clear results, they tend to lemming right behind the rest. ;-)

Then there are others that consider what we do to be Pseudoscience, despite there being peer-reviewed scientific & medical studies that have discovered the Acne connection to foods (more so indirectly) by finding anti-nutrients in our "healthy" foods (acne sufferers lack certain nutrients) and by finding correlations between Unhealthy Carbohydrates and INCREASES in Insulin, DHT conversion Enzymes, & Androgen levels. Not to mention, there's also evidence that supports an increase in IGF-1 (growth factor hormone) levels from consumption of Dairy, Soy, & Hydrogenated Oils products and by finding defective genes/enzymes (CYP450s) in the liver that are responsible for the metabolism of some of our vital hormones and nutrients that are linked to various hormonal disorders with acne as a Symptom!

Of course, that list goes on and on and on. It's truly sad that our biggest problem is arguing with other Educated people over the WHYS instead of them actually paying attention to the RESULTS, since "evidence is the only thing that matter in science" Since that's the case, [U]why don't they PAY ATTENTION to the fact that most of us tend to be eliminating the SAME foods![/U] Considering that [B]Observation[/B] is the 1st Step in the Scientific Method it's mind boggling how readily most dismiss this. Even more so with that, if you were to [B]combine[/B] all of these Diet Books, Acne Diet Books, Hormonal Balancing Books, Allergy Books, etc....What foods do you think will pop up the Most??? Why, some of them are even listed on every medical treatment protocol, but they never fully emphasis how important it is to avoid these and eat a "human diet", as prometheus calls it.

Along with that, depending on what your major was in college, we should've learned that we NEED food and the nutrients it provides to function properly, let alone exist. Despite there being studies that have shown that eating the wrong Fruit/Vegetables Seeds, Skins, or Cooking a DEAD lobster (spoils faster), can be poisonous, why can't the same be said for other "healthy" foods. Why is it so impossible to believe that there are foods that either, in general or by eating [U]Incorrectly[/U], can in some way, harm us. This is why, you shouldn't believe everything your doctor says, find out for yourself and read those studies off of Pubmed, Medline, etc. Not that ALL of them were designed perfectly in my opinion, but they did pass the reveiw board to get published.

The main BAD ones are:

[B]Refined/Processed Foods [/B] - tough but even a 50% - 100% reduction will yield results. More reduced, better the results depending on the individual.

[B]Sugar[/B] - This can include anything that produces glucose in your system and therefore honestly can not be eliminated 100%. However below are the Carbohydrates you need to be more so concerned with and not most fruits and vegeables. You might want to ensure the quality of the type of candy/gum eat you eat (can have dairy, bad oils, and tons of different types of sugar) or just don't eat it ;-) Same thing goes for Soda, Non-100% fruit juices, etc. In time, you'll discover what your body can handle and can go from there, but Honey, Brown Sugar, Stevia (if you like the taste), Blackstrap Molasses are natural (and sometimes healthy) sweetners you'll find more so in organic foods.

[B]Whole Grains [/B] - unless sprouted grass, anti-nutrients are deactived and their problematic lectins and/or gluten proteins MAY be deactivated too. Gluten Free grains may work for you though.

[B]Soy[/B] - unless fermented, we eat tons of [U]processed[/U] soy

[B]Legumes[/B] - same problem as with grains, eat sprouted, fermented, or FULLY cooked. We tend to eat peanuts raw or unfermented and this may be way it's a problem for some of us.

[B]Hydrogenated/Partially Hydrogenated/Trans Fat [/B] - too many problems with these and also very hard to eliminate in a FastFood / Restaurant laden world. Learn to read the ingredients of everything you buy from the store or eating out (visit resturant websites) and work on finding alternatives that dont use these oils (tend to taste better but sometimes cost more). Try using whole pure oils (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) when cooking or frying, but reduce the frequency you eat fried foods (homemade or otherwise) in general.

[B]Dairy[/B] - other than calcium and protein, I really can't say there's anything positive about this. You can get your calcium and other bone building nutrients naturally from other foods or ENRICHED from Orange Juice, Rasiens, Rice Milk (or other milks), etc. This is exactly what they do to refined foods, which is why it's laughable that people balk when we say to eliminate grains. It's no different than taking supplement, although it's easier to just eat the food and not remember to take the supplement. If you do, choose liquid, powder or capsule formulas for optimal absorption.

*there are others, but these are usually ALWAYS mentioned.

[B]The Good ones are:[/B]
[U]Animal Protein [/U] - (Eggs), Beef, Chicken, Pork, Seafood,etc
[U]Plant Protein [/U] - Nuts, Seeds, Legumes
[U]Vegetables[/U] - eat [B]more[/B] vegetables (of all colors) and Plant proteins than animal protein
Healthy Fats- EFAs, Olive Oils
Legumes/Beans/Lentils - prepared correctly
(Gluten Free or sprouted grains)

A BETTER, but not perfect guidline is to follow the [B]Willetts Food Pyramid[/B]. Heck even Harvard supports it, if that matters to you.

These are my Recs for books:

[B]Wellness Foods A to Z[/B] by Sheldon Margen, M.D. Shows PICTURES of lots of foods/ingredients, most of which we've never touched. Great resource for learning about food and the nutrients it provides and how to prepare properly.

[B]Your Last Acne Cure[/B], it's an Acne E-Book. It's the only one I ever bought because it seemed to surpass Jim Ianellis book (mucous diet ) and it was only $20 (2 years ago) for over 200 pages. Now it's been updated several times since and it's $40 but it was $20 earlier this year, so maybe he increased the price cuz he knows it works! Despite that, based upon what he revealed in his last book and on the website, I know he hasn't even touched upon [U]everything[/U] that we say on these boards,... but he is very close though and all the hard work that we put into researching certain aspects are laid out in his book very well. It's a good start.

[B]AcneDiet[/B] - it's a FREE word doc by a woman named Kathleen. I suggest it because it's free and she gives recipes. No association at all to Wais diet.

[B]Breaking the Vicious Cycle [/B] - has recipes somewhere that will help you follow this diet better. It's known as the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and they avoid Lactose, Starch, Grains and something else. They allow you to eat bread products, except they don't use GRAINS to produce them ;-)

Dr. Mercolas [B]No-Grain Diet [/B] - although I've read that it later allows certain grains (gluten free ones?). Do a search and you will find a FREE nutrional Plan for Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced. I believe he might still be offering Free Recipes if you sign up for email updates.

[B]Against the Grain[/B] - discusses more about Gluten Free grains and eating No Grains in general. Also provides recipes.

[B]The Ultimate Clear Skin Plan [/B] - provides recipes and detox formulas to achieve clear skin. Other sufferers says it provides good advice and considering that it's only $10, if you can afford it why not, especially for the recipes.

Otherwise, just look around here or the internet for recipes, etc.

HTH =)

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