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[QUOTE=chicane]can one become "immune" to things like spiro, avodart and other similar hormonal treatment medicines after taking them for an extended period of time??? or do they keep working no matter how long you take it for?


Hey there =)

Over time the body CAN decide to either deactivate supressed receptors or produce MORE receptors. In that sense, if your body produces more receptors, it is possible that you can become "immune" to it and therefore, you would need MORE Spiro, etc to produce the same results.

Some have said that spiro doesn't work as well over time and I was on it for almost 6 years and wasn't as powerful as I hoped it would be for me. In combination with other drugs (Birth Control or Avandia) it helped [B]more[/B] than using those drugs alone. Yet, for almost a year I took spiro by itself, but I was also on dietary changes, and my skin did the BEST it ever has. However, spiro was not the factor, which is why I stopped and my skin still looks incredible (99% clear sometimes 100%).

What I can also say is that if you are taking Generics you may not be able to absorb the active ingredient as well as you would with the Name Brands (purity, quality of filler ingredients, etc). Thus, it might appear that you are "immune", when it is really due to you taking a formula that is less effective.

HTH =)

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