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I was reading in an earlier post about avoiding gluten. My brother has just been diagnosed with coeliac disease (gluten allergy) and my Mum with a lesser gluten intolerence. I've had acne for ten years, could a gluten allergy be a possibility for my acne? Is there evidence that gluten can cause acne?
I find gluten to be problematic, as well as others. I believe there is a connection between gluten and acne. It could be indirect or direct. If you ingest something you can't properly digest or affects your nutritional status, it will affect your acne, because acne is related to nutrition. As far as I know, I'm not allergic to gluten, though, but gluten is one of those items a lot of people are intolerant to and also allergic to. I think even a mild intolerance to gluten will cause an unnecessary nutritional burden on your body. It also affects proper elimination, like dairy.
celiac disease, or gluten intolerance, has a strong genetic background too. For instance, italians are more susceptible to being gluten intolerant. In Italy they test practically everyone for celiac. I am 50% Italian. The rest of me is native american, so my genes don't exactly set me up for wheat and gluten tolerance. We just need to eat what is right for our bodies.

and it doesn't take much of a substance to produce an adverse reaction in the body. The notion of homeopathy is based on this. I have a very sensitive body and I believe people with acne do. As I sit here right now, I have a slight stomach ache and I'm a bit woozy and dizzy, I am drunk, intoxicated, but I haven't had any wine. My friend sitting here is drinking wine and I smell it. I am drunk just from breathing it.
Gluten Intolerance can cause a variety of problems, some are asymptomatic, and one of which is a skin disorder. It doesn't look quite like acne, but if it can cause one type of skin problem, why not another. It's known as [B]Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH)[/B] and if you currently do not have this problem, I suggest that when you get tested, you do NOT allow them to test your skin. Let them test your blood, saliva, or from a fecal sample, but testing for allergies/intolerances on your skin can sometimes create problems you didn't have beforehand. So if you are Gluten Intolerant, and your mother and brother are, chances are that you could illicit ANOTHER skin problem for yourself..if you indeed are also a Celiac.

Have you gotten yourself tested? If you plan on doing so, continue eating bread products as you are and then stop after you've done the test. This way they won't force you to do a Gluten Challenge, which would not only mean eating Gluten again, but also bringing on new breakouts. Regardless of outcome, the majority of us that have improved or cleared our skin through diet did so by eliminating wheat, if not all gluten grains or ALL grains entirely.

I got myself tested [B]before[/B] I stopped eating gluten and I came out negative. Although what's interesting is that most healthy people carry a few gluten gliaden antibodies. I ended up being short a few for a gluten intolerance, but generally speaking, one shouldn't carry antibodies to "safe" foods, etc. To add to that, the majority of the population are either Type B or Type O blood both of which are supposed to be sensitive to Gluten (& problematic lectins)...I'm an O. So just because one test said no, didn't mean the elimination of this was futile, it still [B]really[/B] worked. I read somewhere that eliminating gluten cleared up idopathic cramps and it did that for my menstrual cramps...gone!

Now, there are people that don't show an intolerance because they are IgA defficient, but when testing you, they should be able to determine if that's a problem. There's also this thing about the tests coming out TOO positive, LOL. IgG happens to have a higher sensitivity to reading glaiden antibodies and as such, it's a test that's not wieghted very heavily (by the medical community). They tend to run, what 3 tests (?) and then an endoscopy for conformation. In fact, most Celiacs believe the only true test is an Endoscopy, did your brother or mom get this?

Take care,

P.S. Yes, some Celiacs had acne and it disappeared with the removal of gluten. However, for some it returned and cleared entirely when they also removed corn. Corn has it's own gluten protein that's not associated with the other glutens in Wheat, etc, but corn itself is also a TOP allergen.
thanks, sweetjade
Thanks for that information, I'd better go get tested. I've been reading up on some of the other symptoms and I have a few so even if it didn't clear up my acne it'd probably still be a good idea for me to give up the gluten.

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