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Aww sweety =(

Please do not think this way. We all say lots of things because they are what we've found to matter for US. We all have our own STANDARDS when it comes to the type and purity of the foods we eat, but that shouldn't entirely guide or overwhelm your decisions.

While what you hear is the truth, [B]certain foods will be more important for [U]you [/U] to eliminate than others[/B]. For me it was gluten, for prometheus it was refined foods in general (includes hydrogenated oils), most grains, and dairy (right?). I know for others, they just needed to eliminate Refined Foods & sugars. Doing so may get you 100% clear or it may get you 95%'s up to you how much freedom you feel you need to be happy.

Everyone has their own sensitivity levels and along with that we all have our own challenges to overcome when improving our diets. These include finances, reliance upon parents for food, lack of healthier options, etc. As a result, I generally do not eat organic meat, but I'm 99% clear despite this. I still eat canned foods and some Dry goods, but very little frozen foods compared to how I used to eat. I still eat out at resturants and at Fast Food establishments, but I don't eat the same foods that I once did. If I had the finances everything would be totally overhauled, but I don't and I don't let it worry me.

When I'm well behaved I'm 100% clear, but I'm not entirely prepared to do what I must to maintain that level (working on it). Well behaved for me is to not eat potato chips, buttered popcorn, dairy etc. Yet, you would hate to hear what I eat, so I won't even go there ;-) Ok Ok... I generally eat MORE fruits than I do veggies (always have)....only counting the fruits & veggies, yesterday I had 5 servings of fruit and only 1 serving of vegetables (that's all I had in my house that I wanted/could eat) So I am not perfect, I don't follow all the rules, but I know that it's very important to improve that aspect. None the less, having fun and eating junk food (usually healthy junk), hasn't hurt my skin as much as it may some of you, my goal is to have fun & enjoy my foods the healthiest way possible. Yet, for as much as I LOVE Food, I gave up some of [U]my favorites [/U] for my skin & hormonal balance and, if neccessary, will give up more with No regrets ;-)

The best advice I can give you is to either [B]pick a diet and follow it completely for several months (3 months) [/b] and then ADJUST as you see neccessary. Keep the other culprit foods in the back of your head, and if you still aren't clear, look back at them and eliminate another food item.

I chose to go Gluten Free and I eliminated other foods as I found neccessary. This takes longer, but depending on your current schedule & lifestyle, it's easier to handle and you see results. What's interesting is that I can't drink soda (cysts) and I can't eat chocolate CANDY or much of any candy for it will also break me out (sugar pimples), along with a few others that I won't mention to keep it simple. =) Currently I'm suspecting Dairy, but just on a scientific basis alone....none of us should be consuming dairy products ;-)

That's the problem that I'm semi-dealing with now and it's a BIG jump. It's an even BIGGER jump for those of you that haven't (learned how to) eliminate other foods yet. It's easy to just avoid Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Icecream and Creamy Salad dressings, but milk is in other foods too. In that respect, you might as well go Gluten Free or Grain free because you will be eliminating these foods as well....unless you aren't that sensitive to smaller amounts. Personally, I know that I have to increase my calcium containing foods & vegetables in order for me to safe remove dairy from my diet, especially since I don't like taking suppplements (but I will if I have to).

A combination of [B]Sugars, Corn, Soy, Wheat, Dairy, & Hydrogenated Oils [/B] are in practically everything that is Refined/Processed, Fast Food/Resturant, or basically Packaged and that is what makes these diets challenging, but NOT impossible ;-)

In truth you are not following a diet, but an entire LIFESTYLE CHANGE that will, if nothing else, make you healthier along with giving you clear skin and improving other aspects of your health/hormonal balance. This is the way you MUST learn to look at it and hopefully you will feel much more grounded because of it.

Where I live, our city ranks high for obesity (I dont see it) and Type II Diabetes. We have one small health food store (Sun Harvest) and the other grocery stores are sloooooooooowly adding some healthier options. That health food store is 30 minutes away from me so I only go maybe 1 - 2x a month after school. If I seriously want to eat certain foods, I would have to purchase them online or prepare them myself because they don't exisit here. So I hope that more of you have additional Health Foods Stores, Gluten Free or Low Carb Resturants, or other health conscious resturants. Heck even a fast food place that serves baked chicken, like Boston Market, is better than eating Fried Chicken and removing the batter (done so a few times, but I try not to).

There are ways to "survive", despite your friends, despite your family, and despite your co-workers. Do what you have to do for you and ignore them and their uneducated remarks. There's a REASON a Human Diet, as prometheus calls it, works and it seems like it's universal. Think about, [B]most of these Bad foods are also on the avoid list for those with Allergies, Intolerances, Arthritis, Celiac Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, ACNE, etc [/B] keep that in mind when someone that APPEARS Healthy, tells you there's nothing wrong with eating Dairy or eating Bread.

You are in CONTROL here. Take the knowledge that you've acquired and use it to play the game. Write a list of all the foods you like to eat. [B]Write a list of all the foods you don't eat. [/B] [U]Compare that list to what you see us eating and not eating. [/U] When it comes down to being hungry and choosing between say...something with MSG or something with some Wheat (like soy sauce) AVOID the one you know your skin is more REACTIVE to. You shouldn't feel guilty or starve because you don't have access to healthier options. Just decide whether it's the chemicals or the proteins in foods that matter more for you and go from there.

The other important thing to do is to LISTEN to your body. If you're quiet and pay attention, it just might tell you what you need to eat. You will either know based on how you feel or based on your cravings. When I neglect certain vegetables, I start to crave water foods. Fruits have water, but they don't have the flavor that green vegetables do. So if you want to follow the Willett's Food Pyramid or your own instincts (or common sense) both should help keep you balanced in that sense.

So go ahead and [B]take Baby Steps or Giant Leaps depending on what's available to you or how well you've planned[/B]. If you buy your fruits, vegetables, etc and prepare a few days worth in advance and freeze them...then you've got your own personal "fast food" on the run meals to eat. While they may loose some nutrients, it's BETTER than not doing anything at all, or getting stuck eating something you know would be less healthier or worse for your skin. Learn to plan, keep a Safe Food List, Request foods from your grocery stores, buy a special cookbook, etc. There's always a way to work the system =)
Euro 18

I laughed when I read you posted "but I am sometimes paranoid that behind my back , they r saying "he's so healthy but look at the state of his skin." because I've thought the same thing about myself!! haha. I remember telling some class mates how i eat organic and mainly veggies and here i am with so many freakin' pimples on my face!! :)

Anyway, I know exactly how you feel. I'm at the point where I don't know what the crap to eat. I asked a very famous holistic doctor about skin and this is what he said.
Acne is caused by hormones or intestinal flora. So, he said wheat products (bread, pasta etc), fermented foods (ie vinegar, beer,wine etc), dairy and sugars (cakes, chocolate)wrecks havoc with the intestines and makes the skin look dull. They call it Candida (aka yeast infection of the intestines)

He also pointed out that everyones intestine is different so said to eliminate foods t(that may be triggers) for about 5 days then reintroduce them one at a time. He said it should be pretty obvious that they're not good for you if you suddenly break out or if you feel like crap. He also said that most foods people are allergic to are the ones they crave.

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