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Hey euro, the frustrating thing with my skin is that it varies so much as I have a combination of skin problems: I have mild-moderate acne, mild sebhorreic dermatitis, mild-moderate rosacea flushing, moderate urticaria (hives) and this is all in conjuction with moderate-occasionally severe IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) :(.

So sometimes it is hard to determine to what extent a blemish is acne-related or urticaria-related or dermatitis related etc. e.g. hives can pop up, turn into spots then disappear the next day without treatment but this is not acne.

When I wrote that post I was very down as my allergies and flushing had really worsened since starting the cleanses. My face was 'breaking-out' in hives with almost anything I was eating, I never had experienced such extremity before.

So I decided to further look into my diet and see if I should modify it further. Prometheus informed me that as I was heating my Olive Oil this could be causing me some irritation. I have to admit at the time, I could not believe that heating Olive Oil would be causing me any harm which is why I wrote posts questioning Prometheus about this. I was obviously wrong! Moreover, I have further reduced my meat protein intake and adopted a slightly more vegetarian approach. I haven't eaten red meat/chicken/turkey for around 3-4 weeks and eat raw/steamed fish 1-3 times a week. Since these changes I have noticed an great improvement in my skin so much so that I would say it is now about 90%-100% ACNE-free, my skin is also slowly becoming less prone to flushing and my allergic reactions are becoming infrequent. I do still have some dermatitis on the sides of my nose however.

I really did not want to over emphasise these vast improvements just yet, in case my skin was just going through a phase thus getting my hopes up which is why I wrote in the follow up to the above quoted post "Since then things have been a little different and hopefully they will stay that way in the weeks/years to come . We shall see."

The point is that there are two stages to achieving acne-free skin (I have already stated this in another post). The first stage is getting clear skin, the second stage is MAINTAINING this clarity. I am currently on the path towards the second stage which is why I said 'we shall see'.

Maintaining clarity is the hardest part because if you have a large number of skin disorders like me where any little variation from the 'anti-acne' diet (e.g. if you are on holiday, school trip, business trip etc. where you have to eat in restaurants), you have a high chance of re-triggering an eruption of skin problems.

[QUOTE=euro18]I guess everyone is different[/QUOTE]

Exactly, we all have our various tolerance levels. Since following a much more vegetarian diet and seeing such a jump in clarity of my skin obviously means that my body has a very low tolerance to animal protein especially red meat. This is only for me, maybe your body can tolerant more protein, I don't know.

[QUOTE=euro18]I am sticking with my own dietary changes for now as I think they are working, but I will have to give them more time.[/QUOTE]

Precisely, I have only been on this new vegetarian diet for around 3-4 weeks so I'm not going to suddenly ask for my 'Acne-free trophy award' immediately (lol), I want to see continuity, consistency and maintainence in my skin (AND SO DOES MY BODY). I need to give it at least one more month but so far I feel great, my skin feels great and I no longer have low energy levels. I just got frustrated because everyone else seemed to be doing so well and my skin didn't improve during the cleansing. As MsMeaganMay said on one of her posts, it may take me longer...she was right! My body has gone through so many changes over the past few months that it needs to get into a routine. But if your dietary changes are working for you now then what's the problem? Surely that's excellent news for you?

What I can tell you is that in all my time of trying to rid myself of acne (over 10 years), I have used (like everyone on this board) an insane amount of brands/lotions/creams/antibiotics/treatments. I have spent more than $5000, no...probably much would be impossible to calculate and I'd rather not ;). Anyway, there is not ONE product I have tried that has made me say 'GREAT I AM GOING TO USE THIS ALL THE TIME, MY SKIN LOOKS GREAT'. There is not one product that I have been at least 85% happy with (and I doubt there are many of us on here that could say the same)

Nothing works..........apart from what I am doing now and my current diet. I have not seen such an improvement than with my current methods/approach. I am trying to stay level headed and keep my fingers crossed in the hope this is the right direction for will have your answer in one month time :)

[QUOTE=euro18]I always assumed if you followed a diet such as promtheus' you would be clear , but for me it's too extreme[/QUOTE]

When I first read about Prometheus' anti-acne diet some time ago, I had the same attitude as you. I thought there is no way you can eliminate so many foods and follow a diet of just fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds and minimal animal protein. It does sound extreme but only because SOCIETY tells you it is. Everywhere you go, everything you do, every information given to you by doctors/derms goes against Prometheus' theory.

One day, however, you will ask yourself 'but how do I define extreme'? Is it not extreme for me to eat products bought in supermarkets containing unknown chemicals? If I gave you a glass of water with 12 teaspoons of pure sugar and asked you to drink it, I can guarantee you wouldn't! BUT if I gave you a glass of coke-cola, I can guarantee you probably would. But why when both have identical contents? Well because society tells you it is good! So when society tells you that there is no link between diet and acne, you automatically conform meaning that if noone believes there is a link there will not be any evidence. Well thank God for these forums! Who likely to be more reliable: society which is dominated by money/profits/other interests or a community that wants to share FREE advice and pass on their experiences? (p.s. I'm using 'you' as in the general public)

Prometheus is not forcing people to diet or follow her recommended diet, all she is saying is if you follow this diet you will be acne free. It is a suggestion not a demand, so it is your choice to follow it. I chose to follow it because I wanted to prove to Prometheus that there was no link between diet and acne (which I originally thought). Look back at my really old posts, there were quite big arguments (one of which was deleted :yawn: ) on this topic because I refused to believe her. But 'refusing to believe' does not provide me with any concrete evidence to support my attitude which is why I decided to try her diet.....well let's just say Prometheus has probably saved me about another $5000 worth of medical/brand products LOL :D THANKS SO MUCH!!!

[QUOTE=euro18]Moreover, "Blank" has been following a sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free diet for six months and he is not clear![/QUOTE]

I don't know Blank's situation well enough to properly comment on why he has not experienced acne-free skin but if he is only following those 3 forms diets then I assume he is still consuming alot of carbohydrates or proteins or possibly high cholesterol fats? If he were to elaborate more on exactly what he is doing I will help him out and provide my opinion, would be glad to. :wave:

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