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Re: Almonds
Jan 21, 2004
[QUOTE=rippey]By the way, I take an Omega-3 supplement (fish oil) as well. I'm not sure if it has helped clear any acne, but it it seems to make my skin less dry.[/QUOTE]

I took pure Omega-3 (dissolvable capsules) for three months some time back after reading all these positive things about it but never really noticed any change in my mild-moderate acne. I am currently taking one teaspoon of flaxseed oil per day and seeing much better results. I think the reason is because Alpha linolenic acid (ALA), another essential fatty acid, is an omega-3, oil, and the body turns it into EPA (an omega-3 oil found in Fish Oil). EPA is then turned into prostaglandins. BUT Flaxseed oil does not have all the same effects as Fish Oil, since the amount of ALA that is converted into EPA is much less than the amount of EPA found in Fish Oil. However, flaxseed oil has some effects that are not found with Fish Oil: it is an anti-inflammatory and also lowers blood pressure. My skin suffers alot from inflammation and redness but since taking Flaxseed, my inflammation seems to be greatly suppressed.

It just depends on the skin type of each person and how the body absorbs nutrients.

[QUOTE=449271]how abt roasted almonds?is it gd for acne?[/QUOTE]

It's advised not to buy blanched/cooked/roasted almonds as most of the nutrients within the nuts have been denatured from the cooking. Just eat raw nuts. The same goes with vegetables, the rawer the better. That's why it's suggested if you're gonna cook them, then they should be steamed and not fried or roasted.

[QUOTE=prometheus]I don't think you can eat too many raw almonds[/QUOTE]

Well we are all different and I would say just eat as much as you THINK your body can handle. Overdoing anything in my opinion cannot really be a good thing.

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