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Hi everyone,
I thought I shoud be a good board member and share what I recently learned from my derm with you. After having a serious allergy to Spiro, I decided to change my derm because even though I put that I was allergic to sulfa-based drugs on my info sheet, they ignored that spiro is a sulfa drug. Sometimes, I really doubt their competence. I mean what do these people learn all those years of studying?? Anyways, I went back to my derm that I had seen years ago. She explained everything really clearly to me. Maybe some of you ladies can relate to my acne. So here's the info.
She said that mine is an adult onset hormonal acne. She said antibiotics fail to treat this kind of acne and that it was more like rosecea than the bacterial acne vulgaris. She said that hormonal fluctuations or sensitivities to hormones were to blame. She said that this was the reason why Accutane was usually not a permanent solution. Also, some women may simply get cured one day, without an apparent reason. Pregnancy might help or make it worse.
She basically prescribed me Yasmin and said that any low dose pill would help and she also gave me Tazorac. The way I should use is, at bedtime, I put it on my face after cleaning, leave it on for ONLY ONE minute and wash. She said this would be like a maintenance dose while Yasmin regulates hormones. My case is a mild one, so this may not work for everyone, but I really hope and really really wish that it works. After spiro experience I was very dissappointed, hopefully it wasn't my last option..
I'll keep you posted, hope this helps someone. Oh, by the way, she is supposedly one of the best derms in Southern California. I sure hope so..

Hello Everyone and thanks for the replies,
Laur my acne is hormonal because they are red painful bumps that usually appear on my lower cheeks, close to my jaw and mouth. They are not very big, but they can be called very small cysts. They usually have no infection in them -thus the non-reponse to antibiotics due to lack of an infecting bactery-.
I started getting these when I was 20. During my teenager years I had a few zits, nothing like this though. I tried antibiotics, but my doctor does not like them so she switched me to Accutane two years ago. I took Orto-tri for birth control and hormonal regulation along with accutane 40 mg. It cleared my face completely. The red marks faded with time. Then 1.5 years later -now- I started breaking out again, after I quit Ortho-Tri. So, some other doctor put me on spiro and Ortho-Tri, but I got the allergic reaction. So, my derm advised me to try Yasmin, she said Ortho would work equally well. She sis not want to prescribe anything else since my acne is mild -it is persistent though- She also gave me tazorac gel 0.01, I put it for 1 minute at night and wash it.
I have been taking Yasmin for three days, I have a headache, I will tired and nauseous. Do any of you guys if this will go away? I was on Ortho for a long time and I didn't really experience these side effects, but maybe I don't remember correctly.
Let me know if you guys have questions. If you have a chance I recommend trying tazorac along with the hormonal treatment. But you should use it the way I do to avoid side effects, my derm said that hormonal acne does not require harsh therapies. Did you guys experience an initial breakout with Yasmin? I have really small teenage-like zits aorund my lips. This not very common for me to get, so I think it is due to Yasmin, did you have similar experiences?
Hello again,
Laur, it is funny that we have the same kind of pimples as a reaction to Yasmin, mine are oil filled small zits too. I even have them on my nose, it's very strange for me to have them since I never get that kind of zits. I don't mind them though, because what bothers me is the red painful pimples that I get on my cheeks. As I said, I have been on birth control before. Your experience is not uncommon. I usually get my initial breakout and get used to the medication shortly after that, but I know that for many women it is not as easy. Breast enlargment is very common, I am glad I don't get that because I am already a C cup and I am very petite. Basically, the breast issue is the way your body responds to estrogen, and it may affect you even more since you had your ovaries removed. I am sure with time it will get better but if not, you can try other brands. I tried many different brands and found that I can pretty much tolerate estrogen well, but it is the progestion that I have problems with (overactive appetite and depression).
African Violet, I really recommend the Tazorac the way I use it because skin irritation was my problem too with other topicals but now I have no irritation and a lot less oil.
For some reason my skin is so much less oilier. I am not sure if it is the saw palmetto, jojoba oil, tazorac or Yasmin. It has been only 5 days since I am using all these??
I will update my situtation and hopefully we can all find out whether Yasmin and Tazorac work for hormonal acne.


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