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As the titel states, is it likly to cuase pimples? I hear lots of talk about certian food with its correlation to pimples, just curious if theres a high chance of green apples causing pimples. I hear lots of talk about dairy products associated with causing pimples. I know eveyroen is different, i'm just curious if there is a high correlation between green apples and pimples?
I have NEVER heard anything about green apples causing acne.
not if anything green apples contain anti oxidants which will battle acne rather than cause it, i am 99.9% sure there is no relation AT all.
make sure it wash it.
[QUOTE=orange]i'm just curious if there is a high correlation between green apples and pimples?[/QUOTE]

Well it depends on exactly what type of apples you are talking about. There are those really bright green shiny apples (that seem almost too green) that you often see in supermarkets. Usually called Granny Smiths. These ones are way too sweet and am sure they would raise anyone's blood sugar levels. Furthermore they look so artificial it's ridiculous. I mean when you look inside the box, every single one seem identical to eachother. The farmers must have sprayed them with so many hormones/insecticides etc., God knows what. If on the other hand you look at organic apples they are all heterogeneous and usually aren't as sweet.

I also think it is a good idea when eating apples to take the skin off them as just washing them won't remove all that rubbish that has accumulated on the skin.
granny smiths are the best kind

they're SO good.
[QUOTE=blank]granny smiths are the best kind

they're SO good.[/QUOTE]

I KNOW! This is our major problem when dealing with acne using the 'correct diet method'. Most foods that taste good are 'bad' for you while the foods that taste bad are 'good' for you. It's the most irritating paradox! But there are ways around it and you eventually start to like the food that don't taste as good.

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