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How did the Dr decide which of his products were best for you???

My friend is an estetician (sp? ) and I asked her what was the best product line she had used and she said Epicuren, which is the only line I have yet to try pretty much. I currently use Dermalogica clay cleanser in the shower for my face, then MD Forte otherwise. Dermalogica is good but no amaziing results and I wont buy again. I honestly love MD Forte though--big difference in skin texture and scars, but its not really an 'acne line'--its a glycolic line...I then use DDF 5% BP gel/tea tree at night. I think I will try the Epicuren to replace my Dermalogica that I use in them A.M. I'm trying everything to AVOID accutane!

I did notice an iimprovement in my skin after going OFF antibiotics which had stopped working --worked great for 8 months (ironic it got better not being on them). I think it was killing the "good" bacteria---which acidopholus could help replace. How much do you take orally, what brand?

[QUOTE=Tweety22]Hi. I usually don't post on this board but thought I would share my experience.
I have battled w/ terrible (mostly cystic) and some surface acne and rosacea since was 12 (I am now 27). I tried every OTC, RX topical, RX pill (even accutane 2X) that I could get my hands on.
What worked for me finally was what I think is a combination of things:
1) Yasmin - I am still on it now. It took a few months to see my skin calm down but it helped a lot.

2) EPICUREN products - these are AMAZING. From the 1st month I went to Dr. Lancer (the founder of the products) my skin has sone a 180. I use the acne cleanser and the acidopholous cream but all skin is different so others may be right for you.

3) Over the counter acidopholous pills (by Natren)

This has worked to keep my skin under control to date for about 1 1/2 years now....just thought I would share.[/QUOTE]

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