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Has anyone else had a good experience with Dermabrasion for acne scarring? I have had a problem with cystic acne breakouts on my chin for about two years. I have raised scarring which one perioral (chin only) dermabrasion treatment has helped, but I am anxious to do it again to further smooth the uneven scarring. Thankfully?? there are no "pits". However, it's very depressing to have scarred skin on my chin that is very noticeable in comparison to the good skin on the rest of my face. Laser treatment is apparently not an option since doing only one area of the face can cause a noticeable line of demarcation.

Currently, the problem is "under control" with 100 mg. minocycline and benzaclin. I use parenthesis b/c I know that these meds are just supressing a greater prob. I recently started on Yasmin since I believe my cysts are, in part, a hormonal prob. I also have a new prescription for Retin-A.

I had previously had the usual breakout, here and there, in the T-zone, since about age 14, but never had any scarring. Then, when under extreme stress, a relationship break-up, and bad habits (with food, caffeine, smoking, and lack of sleep) I had a very bad cystic breakout that could only be controlled with oral antbiotics (penicilllin for 1 week to calm the inflamed cyst, then doxycyline, now minocycline).

I truly believe that balance and consistency are key to acne treatment, whatever it may be. I have been much happier with myself and my skin when I get enough sleep, water, and other self-care. Hopefully I will be able to get off the antibiotic soon. I did try to about 2 months ago, with probiotics to replace, but 3 weeks later I broke out again with one (only one!) very very large inflamed cyst on my lower chin. I was clearly not ready to leave the antibiotic, but I don't think probiotic alone can replace the antibiotic. I'm experimenting with Yasmin BCP now, to see if it helps, then, maybe will wean off the antibiotic per my derm. Also, spirolactone is an option if all else fails (when I see my derm in six weeks). Either way, my skin is fine NOW, but I have been back on minocycline for a month. Go figure. And I have another uneven, raised scar on my chin where the cyst was (it did come to a head and A LOT of milky white pus erupted--almost oozed out...I didn't even have to press hardly at all).
BTW...I am aware that picking, etc. is the number one cause of scarring, but when an inflamed cyst begins oozing all on it's own, then it seems justified to help it along ever so slightly, if only to sop up the oozing mess! Also, ironically, the same day my cyst came to a head my doctor said it never would.

So...anyone else out there with similar probs? Raised scarring...chin only, hormonal, etc.? If so, tell me about any treatments, dermabrasion, silicone sheets, etc. that have helped.


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