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[QUOTE=annonymousgirl]I really need some suggestions.. I've been battling acne for about 3.5 years.. And I am only in my teens...:( Anyways, I've tried differen gel, triaz, benzoil peroxide, retin a micro, biore(wash/nose strips), clearasil face pads (those alcohol pads), minnocyclene(works pretty good, I can tell the difference if I dont wear it), salicic acid formula/solutions(in most acne medicine), and a lot of other stuff. What do you recomend?? My mom has a book on accutaine cause the dermatologist said it usually works for most peoples.... But I heard proactive solution worked good??? have anything to suggest?? Thanks!!!!!![/QUOTE]

[FONT=Courier New]i had moderate to severe cystic acne for years.. like you i tried everything.. Proactiv worked for about a year for my brother.. doxcycyclne(sp?) is what he uses now.. my husband just discovered he has a 'wheat' and 'wheat gluten' alergy.. since i had tried everything else, i figured what the heck, right..? three weeks as a wheat free person (which is difficult) i had no new pimples forming the way i used to each morning.. as long as i stay away from wheat products, oats, rye, barley, semolina, and additives derived from wheat like 'lake' dyes(candy, mostly.. and those strange bright colored 'drinks'..) MSG and the many MSG cousins I am free.. I also employed the technique of keeping by bangs ULTRA SHORT, and pulling my hair back tightly into a kerchief at night before bed..

i should add that i am a vegetarian(no fish, milk, but a small amount of cheese and egg), i wash with panoxyl by Stiefel Labs. its an OTC wash in bar form. it's pH balanced and soap free.. due to it's strength, i only use it once per day and plain water two or three times during the remainder.. i drink no less than 3 liters of water per day..

i feel i should document this in case anyone else had/has the same symptoms as me.. when i had pimples(oh my, that feels good) they some would start out very tiny, two very tiny little bumps close together; parallel.. one would get bigger all of a sudden, gradually become a cyst, start to and then ultimatley heal.. just after this happened, the other 'little' bump would follow the same path.. this happened most frequently.. some cysts, the kind which would take months to heal, would come out overnight, stay painful for 1-2 weeks then heal slowly to become a nasty, indented, purple scar.. sorry for that, but if one person out there has these symptoms i hope i can rescue them from the pain i know all too well..

to help with scars, i am very interested in "Obagi Blue" Masks/treatments.. but i am poor right now, so i will have to save up for them(between$200-$500? i will check).. can anyone say yay or nay to this...?

this is the best i can offer you, dear.. just know that someday you WILL find your personal cure!

Peace to All!

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