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Re: Yonka products
Feb 15, 2004
I had tried about everything for my moderate acne before. i had breakouts on my face and back w/ the occasional cystic, along w/ very oily skin and hair. prescriptions worked for a short time but my skin eventually got worse (common w/ antibiotics you take orally).

It was on this board i heard about Yasmin, the birth control pill. i was skeptical at first, because like you, I have never been on the pill, but at the point i had gotten to the doctors had basically thrown their hands up in the air and said nothing but accutane would help. Yasmin was my last resort. it is for sure not a quick fix, but it seems to be so successful if you can wait it out. skin clears in people from as soon as one month to 5 months. I am on my 9th week and my face is just now starting to clear, its about 75% clear, but my back acne cleared 95% right away and my skin/hair got less oily overnight--i love that part!. It is common the first month or so to get a mild initial breakout. nothing major and worth it. I was also nausous slightly the first couple weeks. It has enlarged my breasts slightly from barely an A cup to a full A, almost B and Ive lost a few pounds as well. i have chosen to take the pill continuously, skipping the white/placebo pills where youd typically get your period, and so ive had NO PERIOD while on yasmin either (This can be done w/ many birht control pills). now at the two month mark, i have zero bad side effects. i basically love this pill and my skin is getting better and better everyday. i had my rough moments where id post on the board saying that it was not working or i was breaking out more--but read about others on this board and tthe success--w/ patience it seems to work for SO many. i also was able to talk my Dr into prescribing Spiro (also called aldactone) which also works w/ great success for many. i'm on 25mg of that and kinda wish i was on more but I need to talk my dr into that---drs arent really used to prpescribing spiro for acne since it is not widely used for that purpose. i just startted using Azelex this week too--a topical prescrption, so we'll see if that makes my skin even better.

So yes, I'd highly recommend yasmin. just dont expect a quick fix and be patient. it can take your boody time to adjust to the pill--it could be what really helps you. good luck!

Thank you for taking your time to answer my question. Well, I also wanted to ask you what is Yasmin?? Is that some type of birth control pills or something?? Well, I am seeing my gynecologist this Wednesday, and I have never been on birth control pills before, and now I am considering about it, but too scared to try because of its side effects. Did you have any serious side effects or anything? How was your acne before and how is it now, if you don't mind me asking. Thanks

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