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Re: Yonka products
Feb 15, 2004
P.S --
I read on one of our other posts too about not being sexuallly active. I'm not sexually active either and my regular Dr still prescribed the pill for me. it is also GREAT for regulating the period (give it a few months), and research shows the pill can lower your risk for certain cancers, so, i say go for it. yasmin seems to work for so many, and if for some reason you try it a few months and dont like (I think you should give it 3 months--which i s how long it takes for bodyy to adjust) you can always try another pil, like ortho-tricyclen--which is marketed for acne but i hear not as effective (so try yasmin first)

Thank you for taking your time to answer my question. Well, I also wanted to ask you what is Yasmin?? Is that some type of birth control pills or something?? Well, I am seeing my gynecologist this Wednesday, and I have never been on birth control pills before, and now I am considering about it, but too scared to try because of its side effects. Did you have any serious side effects or anything? How was your acne before and how is it now, if you don't mind me asking. Thanks

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