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I'm 22 and have been in the same boat as you. Recently I started using some new products that were recommended to me by an aestetician I went to. I use a certain cleanser (brand Clear Choice), then a toner (brand Clear Choice), followed by a salicylic pad (Brand Clear Choice) and then I use BP lotion by Proactiv. I only use the salicylic pads and the BP at night and never in the morning as if I do my face gets painfully dry and red. Following the BP lotion I use Proactiv's oil-free face lotion (contains sunscreen as well). I absolutely love that stuff. The BP lotion and the oil-free lotion are the only things I use of Proactiv. The oil-free lotion is not cheap but for a while now it's been the only lotion I can and will use as it does not make me oily and does not cause more acne for me like other lotions do. Everything else is made by Clear Choice (I dont think you can find that in stores but I think you can on the web). The aestetician told me the Clear Choice line was developed by a lady who got so fed up with not being able to find products that work, especially for her acne. No chemicals found in the products etc. Lately I have been using the BP lotion every other day or so but using the salicylic pads every night. In the morning I use the Proactiv oil-free lotion under make-up as well. Once a week I use a pumpkin enzyme complez scrub (you leave on 10 min) made by Clear Choice as well. I also take 1 vitamin E capsule, 2 flax seed capsules (1000 mg each), a multivitamin, and drink a glass of Odwalla Superfood every night before bedtime. After a little over a month of doing those things, my once badly broken out forehead and chin have now cleared up and I have 1 pimple on my entire face. I have not had that in many many months. My face has only cleared up for about a week now so I'm just hoping I don't wake up with my face back to the way it was. Good luck.. I know how frustrating it is!

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