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When I was on my first cycle of accutane I wasn't completely clear even in the sixth month, so my derm kept me on it for another month and by the end of that month I was clear and I stayed clear for about 5 months, then my acne came back. I'm thinking about seeing if I can go on a second cycle and was also wondering how long I had to wait. I thought it was six months. But I have some questions to add on to that.

If my back acne and chest acne were permanently cleared up and a the worst of my face acne permamently cleared from the first cycle, would one more cycle get rid of the remaining acne for good? Or am I destined to keep having my acne come back after 6 months to a year after the cycle? I guess what I'm asking is.....are there any people that took accutane once and it didn't do the job completely, but the second or third cycles worked permanently?

Also, what kind of physical problems will I be facing on a second cycle of accutane? Will the dryness be worse? Are my bones and joints going to have a higher risk of problems with the second cycle? It's a pretty dangerous drug, the probability of problems must rise with the more cycles I go through.....but the probability that it will clear up the rest of my acne must also be better with the more cycles I go through.

Apparently my insurance only gives me one more appointment with my derm, then I have to go back to the regular doctor and get referred to a derm again.....and I think we all know how long it takes to get in and see doctors, especially derms. Meanwhile, we wait and wait for appointments and the scarring gets worse. Don't you love how medical care works in this country?

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